Get a 100% cleanup when removing software.

The #1 approach to system maintenance.

Get the latest and best version of Install Monitor. System maintenance is a breeze with Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3. Install Monitor tracks all software installed on your system, helps you to find unused programs and removes all traces when uninstalling software. It is the #1 solution to software decay, preventing performance lags, increasing system stability and making system maintenance as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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  • Improve Speed

    Install Monitor prevents background programs from slowing down your computer.

  • 100% Cleanup

    Install Monitor Clean Up feature allows you to remove all leftover files, including registry changes for increased stability.

  • Search & Inform

    The Program and Content views allows you to quickly find all details on any program – unwanted or wanted.

  • Monitor Resources

    The Program Process Viewer makes it easy to see which programs use the most system resources.

What Our Customers Are Saying

John Carrona

"I use Install Monitor to track installations, uninstall programs, and as a troubleshooting tool. It tells me exactly what has been installed and gives me the flexibility to choose what to uninstall. I've used this product for years, and I think it's the greatest uninstaller utility on the market today."

John Carrona, Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience
Roland Brown

"Since I started using Install Monitor I'm experiencing greater system reliability and increased system performance. I now also find it easy to deal with unwanted software. IM has helped me regain control of my system. I would definitely recommend IM to anyone serious about system maintenance."

Roland Brown, Chemical Engineer

"Install Monitor 3 is an impressive program. I'm a PC technician, so I regularly uninstall software. Install Monitor 3 helps me uninstall programs without rebooting my system every time. I value my time and my client's, so any time-saving feature is always appreciated by me and my team."

Remy "Se7en”, Editor-In-Chief at The Computer Savvy Weblog
Kenneth P. Huddleston

"What I like best is the way Install Monitor completely removes all traces of the installed program. Once you uninstall a program, you are guaranteed that there will not be any remaining hidden code that will “show up” later. No more headaches for me."

Kenneth P. Huddleston

What Other Sites Are Saying

Everything is monitored in real time so you don’t have to create before and after snapshots which saves a lot of time. This is achieved by a service running in the background (MspySvcHost.exe) that constantly watches for installations.

Install Monitor may be even more thorough as it monitors the installation of a program to keep a record of every single file and Registry entry that gets created or modified by the application. Combine that with options to scan for and clean-up leftovers, and you have got a program that after all may be better suited for removing programs from the system.

The program is small in size (an installed size of less than 5 MB) with a simple intuitive interface. When installed, it monitors application resource usage and uninstalls any unwanted applications completely, thereby removing software rot and bloat and improving system performance. The program does not rely on time-consuming snapshots; it directly offers the ability to see the origin of file or registry items.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Mirekusoft Install Monitor easy to use?

Absolutely! Install Monitor comes with easy-to-use and intuitive features. The design and flow is similar to what you're used in Windows, so a 100% cleanup after uninstall is possible at the click of a button. In case you have any questions please refer to our guide 'The Secrets Of A Clean Uninstall' or contact

2. How does Install Monitor help me in performing maintenance on my computer and those of my friends and family?

Mirekusoft Install Monitor helps you by gathering all program-related information in one place, by tracking all the changes these programs have made - including registry changes - and provides full cleanup functionality that deals with all changes made to your system. Moreover Install Monitor makes it easy to prevent background programs that can slow down performance. Install Monitor will prevent system performance decay as a result of software rot and software bloat.

3. What's new about Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3? 

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3 comes packed with improvements. We've added support for Windows 10. We have updated the User Interface to be more responsive while providing more different views, more status messages, and program instant search. It's easier to find items in the different panes with quick find. Furthermore, we've improved the accuracy of program usage information. The program pane also makes easier to identify programs that can be run versus support programs and new programs that have not been run are highlighted. We've built upon the Startup Monitor to give your more control over what's running. When you exit a program disabled in Startup Monitor we automatically kill all background processes. We've added the ability to add custom exclusions to Program Cleanup.

4. Is Mirekusoft Install Monitor compatible with all version of Windows?

Yes - Install Monitor supports all versions of Windows: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. If you need support for Windows XP please contact as

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