5 Common Computer Problems and How to Solve Them

Pc Problem

You’re working away at your computer when suddenly, you get an error message – or worse, your computer shuts down. Deciphering what computer problems you may be experiencing and how to fix them can be difficult, especially if you are a basic user. Let’s look at five solutions to some of the most common computer … Read more

5 of the Worst Computer Viruses of All Time

Computer Virus

With the arrival of “heartbleed,” one can’t help but ponder on the previous viruses that has caused rampage within the online community. Today, we list down 5 of the worst computer viruses of all time. Traditional Computer Viruses Back in the 80’s, spread of computer viruses greatly depends on human aid. What do you mean … Read more

Heartbleed Alert! Stop Transactions for now!

heartbleed mirekusoft

“Stop all transactions for now!” This is the statement issued by Mike Lloyd, CTO of Redseal , in reference to the emergence of the latest bug to hit the internet – “Heartbleed” bug. What is Heartbleed? This is a flaw in OpenSSL that allows hackers to steal potential data without being detected. This includes: Passwords … Read more

Help! My Computer is Slowing Down

Pc Problem

Annoyed with how slow your computer is running? Desperate to speed up your PC’s loading time? Frustrated with how long your laptop is hanging while you work on a crucial project? The solution to getting your computer to speed is at your fingertips and you can get it back to speed in no time! Initial Diagnostic|What … Read more