The background on background programs (part 3)

Another type of background process is an update program. Some programs have the updater process run all the time, though it is only needed for checking for and installing updates. It makes little sense for a process that does nothing the majority of the time to be running all the time. Why is this so … Read more

The background on background programs (part 2)

Last time I talked about some of the reasons there are so many background programs. One category of background programs are used for quicker access to the user interface of a program. These programs usually place an icon in the notification area of the taskbar. Usually the purpose is to provide quicker access to the … Read more

The background on background programs

One of the characteristics of bloatware is unnecessary programs running in the background. In the example last time Application Foo had five programs running and all you needed it for was viewing widgets. Many times these background programs are unnecessary or should be optional. They generally fall into a few categories like providing easier user-interface … Read more

How to Effectively Deal with Software Bloat

It seems a common trend is for many software applications to be bloated. What is software bloat? It generally means software with an increasing number of features that uses more system resources than necessary. Another name for this kind of software is bloatware. Software Bloat Example – Application Foo Let me give an example. There … Read more