Stop Unseen Bundleware From Slowing Your Computer Down with Install Monitor 2.0

We’ve all been there. You think you are downloading a simple program, and before you know it, small changes are being made all over your computer. This phenomenon is known as ‘bundleware’. Sometimes bundleware is easy to spot, and you simply have to uncheck those programs when prompted during the installation process. However, some bundleware is not quite so honest, because those hidden processes can be used to monitor your system and create revenue based on the information those programs collect. Many people never know when bundleware makes it on to their systems, and the only indication they have may be an unexplained slow performance.

How Can I Identify Bundleware Issues?

The best way to combat that unseen bundleware is to protect your system with advanced software monitoring tools. For example, Mirekusoft’s Install Monitor 2 has a Program Tree tool that is able to group together programs based on how these were installed. With the Program Tree, it is easier to see the relationship between your programs and those associated with an unintended bundleware, and remove all programs when uninstalling. With the right system monitoring tool, you can take back control of your computer system and stop those junk programs in their tracks.

Why Choose Install Monitor 2?

Beyond the Program Tree, Install Monitor 2 is a comprehensive tool to monitor software installation changes. You will be able to see exactly how a new program is affecting your system with our advanced system monitoring tools. You will know what is bogging down your boot-up time and whether programs are running unseen in the background. Install Monitor 2 also offers the most comprehensive uninstall option, and it surpasses Windows’ built-in function. It even removes leftover junk files from your registry that Windows frequently misses.

Don’t let bundleware ruin your computers performance. For the best bundleware removal and system monitoring tools, download Install Monitor 2.0 today!

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