Getting a Program’s Last Used Information

In Programs and Features control panel there is a Last Used On column. However, it doesn’t appear by default, and if you turn it on, the column is simply blank. This is actually by design. The control panel applet used to guess but it’s heuristics were so inaccurate that the idea was abandoned. However as … Read more

Tracking when software is installed

Every so often I will see someone complain about how Windows lacks a feature that Install Monitor has. For instance, commenter Dalibor Čarapić makes the following complaint about the Windows 10 Programs and Features: “Every time a Windows update is installed a bunch of my installed application look like they were installed at that time. … Read more

The Problem with the Shutdown Dialog

Shutdown Dialog

In addition to installing software I need, another thing I also do when setting up a new computer is enabling the following group policy option for Turn off automatic termination of applications that block or cancel shutdown. It’s in the Shutdown Options part of the group policy editor (you will need the Professional edition of Windows … Read more

Should You Uninstall Java, Today?


Approximately three (3) billion devices uses Oracle’s Java software and in a PC Pitstop study, they’ve shared that out of 155,745 computers, 29.6% of these have Java.  Sadly, Kapersky Lab, stated that half of the cyber attacks that happened last year have been caused by it. Java and the Department of Homeland and Security On … Read more