Combatting software rot and bloat

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In this post I wanted to talk more specifically about how Install Monitor helps to address software rot and bloat.

Software Tip on Bit Rot
What is Software Rot?

Software rot if you remember happens through the process of installing, uninstalling, updating software. Over time software programs leave unused registry and file items. Like bad cholesterol in an artery it serves no purpose and can only slow down your computing experience.

How does install monitor help combat software rot?

Install Monitor helps to combat this by tracking what files and registry items are created by a program. It groups the respective items with each program. This allows you to see what is left behind by the program when you remove it. These items can then be cleaned up by using the “Clean up” button or deleting individual items. You should still be careful to make sure you are not deleting something necessary.

Why is software bloat a difficult fix?

Software bloat is a harder problem to tackle since it is directly related to the application’s design. A while ago I talked in more detail about one characteristic of bloatware, unnecessary background programs. As a consumer you can choose to use non-bloated alternatives if they exist. Sometimes you are stuck with a program because you need it for a printer or phone or some other hardware. Right now Install Monitor helps by telling you how big an application is in terms of disk size and number of file and registry items created. You can also see the number of ways the program can automatically start such as background programs. Future versions of Install Monitor will provide more metrics and offer ways to lessen the effects of bloatware.

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