Slow Computer Performance? Don’t Assume Viruses or Malware Are to Blame

When our computer performance slows down, we often attribute the change to viruses or malware, and assume the solution requires the best antivirus malware software we can find. While these are often the culprits for many computer performance issues, even the best malware cleaner may fail to fully address the underlying issues that are affecting your computer.

What Else Could Be Slowing Down My Computer Performance?

As you add and remove programs from your PC, your operating system ends up with numerous temporary or junk files written into your system. Even when you utilize the uninstall feature of your operating system, you may still end up with leftover files and processes that secretly hog disk space and slow down performance. Beyond this leftover junk, your system may also have been bombarded by a downloaded program that was secretly bloated with extra features. For example, you may have attempted to download an antivirus software, but unbeknownst to you, it included hidden add-ons that added toolbars to your internet browsers, changed your default page or search engine, and added itself to your email software. All of these hidden processes and leftover junk affect your system’s resources and play a major role in how well your computer functions. In summary, while you really do need the best malware detector you can find, you also need to be aware that not all performance issues are the result of outside viruses or infections.

How Do I Determine if Junk Files or Bloated Downloads Are Affecting My Computer?

While we highly recommend maintaining the best free malware scanner you can find, Mirekusoft’s Install Monitor 2.0. This revolutionary software far surpasses Windows’ application management feature in that it:

  • Monitors what resources such as file and registry are created when a program is installed so you can see exactly how a program is affecting your system.
  • The intelligent program remover can help solve problems that are caused when a program does not uninstall properly.
  • The program tree shows what programs were installed together, even if some were hidden.
  • Allows you to prevent programs from automatically starting to reduce the amount of programs running and improve performance. This way, your system is only running what you need, when you need it, and not wasting resources with unused programs running in the background.

Install Monitor offers better application management, and results in a system that operates more efficiently and effectively. If you want to safeguard your computer’s performance and make the most of your system, download a free trail of Install Monitor to discover the benefits of this incredible program management software!

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