Help! My Computer is Slowing Down

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Annoyed with how slow your computer is running?

Desperate to speed up your PC’s loading time?

Frustrated with how long your laptop is hanging while you work on a crucial project?

The solution to getting your computer to speed is at your fingertips and you can get it back to speed in no time!

PC Doctor 1

Initial Diagnostic|What is slowing down my computer?

Here are the following reasons why your computer is slowing down:

  • Accumulation of unwanted registry entries

  • Clutter and debris

  • Presence of virus

The Prescription|Clean Up Your Computer

The solution to your problem is quite easy – CLEAN UP! However, do you know how to clean up your computer?

Flushing the Virus Out of the System|Fully Scan Your System

Consider this process as the “colonics treatment” of your PC. Let a reliable antivirus software fully scan your system and get rid of all the unwanted virus it detects.

Detoxify your System|Delete Temporary Files

Remove unwanted pressure from your hard drive by deleting unnecessary files by following these simple steps:

Windows Application

1. Click Start.

2. Go to All Programs.

3. Click Accessories.

4. Click Systems Tools.

5. Click Disk Clean Up.

6. Delete Temporary Files.

Mac Application

1. Go to Applications.

2. Click Utilities.

3. Click Command Prompt.

4. Type “sudo rm -fr /tmp/”.

5. Hit Enter.

This will automatically delete all the temporary files in your system.

Detoxify Your System | Uninstall Useless Programs

Remove unimportant games, media files and obsolete programs in your system. Do this by following these steps:

Windows Application

1. Go to Start Menu.

2. Proceed to Settings.

3. Find the Control Panel.

4. Click Add/remove programs or Uninstall Program.

5. Choose from the list of programs you do not need.

Mac Applications

1. Choose any program you wish to uninstall and drop it into the Recycle Bin.

2. Click Empty Recycle Bin to ensure these programs will not slow down your PC any longer.

The Super PC Antibody |Mirekusoft Install Monitor

After you have successfully flushed your system from all these unwanted items, protect it from ever slowing down again. Do so, by downloading Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2 and let it:

  • Automatically monitor your system

  • Completely uninstall unwanted files and registries

  • Take control of your computer

Save time from repetitively deleting temporary files and uninstalling unwanted and obsolete program files. Download our free trialware and instantly see how it can make your computer run faster than before.

Remain productive. Maximize your computer’s efficiency. Learn more about the new features we have added to it.

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