Improving Uninstallation (part 2)

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Last time I talked about some of the limitations with existing uninstallers that either use a scanning approach or

snapshot based approach. If you are familiar with these uninstallers it might not be immediately obvious how to Mirekusoft Install Monitor works as an uninstaller. Mirekusoft Install Monitor is actually quite easy to use. It does most of it’s work in the background so the user does not have to do anything special to benefit.


Install Monitor does not have to scan for leftovers and instantly knows what’s left behind. It monitors both installs and uninstalls and across reboots. This can be helpful if the uninstaller leaves stuff behind. The user does not have to run the installer in a special way. Install Monitor will automatically detect installers. In fact the only time you ever need to launch the Install Monitor application is if you want to manage or remove a program or figure out what was installed. Many uninstallers that offer install monitoring will give a scary warning against installing multiple programs at the same time (this may be out of the user’s control for instance if a background program decides to update itself). However Install Monitor is also able to intelligently handle multiple programs bundled together. This is useful for instance if unwanted software gets installed with good software. It is also able to intelligently guess the icon for a program even when the program does not register one. Install Monitor allows you to see what other uninstallers are missing or should not be removing.


Despite all the advantages it has uninstaller, Install Monitor uninstall capabilities can be more precise and intelligent. The ability to roll back changes by individual applications can be improved. It can also have better support for programs installed before Install Monitor. Look for these issues to be addressed in future releases.

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