Install Monitor version 4.3

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We are announcing the release of Mirekusoft Install Monitor 4.3. You can find the full list of updates here. I wanted to briefly discuss some of the changes here.

Providing smarter insights into program changes

At the heart of what makes Install Monitor so useful is that once installed it automatically provides complete control and visibility into what changes software makes on your computer. No other software provides that! However viewing or analyzing the amount of changes the average software application makes can sometimes be a little overwhelming. In Install Monitor 4.3, we introduced a new categorized item view that makes it easier to see the different categories of changes that are made. This really simplifies figuring out what types of changes were made on your PC. This view is used when viewing program contents and during program cleanup.

The new categorized program contents view
CategorizedProgramCleanup 1
The categorized program cleanup dialog

Improved checking for updates

Another area that was improved was the ability to check for updates. If you used it in the past you might have gotten a message that no updates were available even if you there was a later version posted on the website. This has now been improved and updates should be available at the same time or soon after they are posted on the website.

Recommendation from Free Download Manager

Install Monitor has received a user recommendation from Free Download Manager.


Try it out today 

Give the latest version of Install Monitor a try. You can get it from the downloads page. We are always reviewing feedback and look forward to hearing what you have to say about our latest release. If you come across any issues, please make sure to let us know by using the support page.