Computer Running Slow? Install Monitor 2.0 Can Help You Get to The Bottom of the Problem

We’ve all felt the frustration when our oh-so-expensive computers suddenly, inexplicable slow down to a snail’s pace. We also see plenty of commercials for websites promising to speed up a slow computer with just the click of a button. Unfortunately, they end up spamming you and scaring you into committing to purchasing their services. If you really want to improve your computer’s performance, you have to find out what is slowing it down in the first place.

What REALLY is Causing Your Slow Computer Performance?

Most people think that malware, spyware or viruses are the first suspects in a suddenly slow computer, when very often the issue has more to do with your existing programs and applications. In an effort to be the “end all, be all” in their particular categories, many software programs have been crafted with plenty of features, add-ons and other processes that you may not have even realized were there. For example, when you install certain programs, they end up changing your registry and adding files all over your computer, including auto-start functions that can slow your boot-up time down to a crawl. Think of it this way—have you ever tried to install a simple program for one function, but it then attempted to install a tool bar to your internet browser, change your default home page or add additional programs to your desktop? Nearly every program now has some type of extras you weren’t expecting.

Another culprit for a slow speed computer is junk files leftover from programs you upgraded or uninstalled. Very often, your operating system’s uninstall feature misses those wide-spread hidden files and it fails to fully uninstall programs. Those junk files accumulate and suck up all of your processor’s performance.

How Can You Fix Your Slow Computer?

If you want to know how to speed up a slow computer, Mirekusoft offers Install Monitor 2.0, which can help you manage your programs so that you improve performance, start-up time, and diagnose and terminate any hidden processes that are eating up your processor’s effort. It can also help you uninstall programs totally and completely to eliminate junk files.

To learn more about the key features, and to learn how this software can help you speed up your computer’s performance, visit our free software installation monitoring tools products page today!

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