• Clean up your PC

Install Monitor is a powerful uninstaller that makes it easy to get 100% cleanup when removing programs on your PC. 

Clean up your computer, hard drive, and disk space in just a few easy clicks. 

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Intelligent Monitoring Runs in Background

Once installed, Mirekusoft Install Monitor runs in the background and starts monitoring program installs in real-time. It’s lightweight so it will have minimal impact on your PC.

Complete Computer Cleaner

Mirekusoft Install Monitor provides an interface similar to the Windows Control Panel. Obtain information about a program by selecting it. You can even easily search online. Once you decide to remove the program, and clean up your PC, click ‘Uninstall’ to begin the removal process.


Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files and Registry

To clean up your PC, follow Install Monitor through the cleanup process. This step makes sure there are no unnecessary files or registry left behind on your system. 

Keep Your PC Clean With Mirekusoft Install Monitor​

After you’ve cleaned up the program with Install Monitor your work is done. You can be sure there’s nothing left behind. It makes it easy to improve your system performance.

Clean up Your PC

Install Monitor makes it easy to speed up your PC and reduce disk usage by getting rid of programs you no longer need.

Clean up Hard Drive

Easy identification of what program is clogging up your hard drive. Detect bottlenecks and easily improve the speed of your PC.

FREE Up Disk Space

See how much space applications are using and identify the biggest disk space culprits without waiting for a long scan to complete.

What our customers say about us
  • What I like best is the way Install Monitor completely removes all traces of the installed program. Once you uninstall a program, you are guaranteed that there will not be any remaining hidden code that will show up later. No more headaches for me.


  • “Since I started using Install Monitor I’m experiencing greater system reliability and increased system performance. I now also find it easy to deal with unwanted software. IM has helped me regain control of my system. I would definitely recommend IM to anyone serious about system maintenance.”


    Chemical Engineer
  • Install Monitor 3 is an impressive program. I’m a PC technician, so I regularly uninstall software. Install Monitor 3 helps me uninstall programs without rebooting my system every time. I value my time and my client’s, so any time-saving feature is always appreciated by me and my team.

    REMY 'SE7EN”

    Editor-In-Chief at The Computer Savvy Weblog
  • I use Install Monitor to track installations, uninstall programs, and as a troubleshooting tool. It tells me exactly what has been installed and gives me the flexibility to choose what to uninstall. I’ve used this product for years, and I think it’s the greatest uninstaller utility on the market today.


    Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience
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