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A new version of Mirekusoft Install Monitor has been released. This release includes bug fixes and better Windows 8.1 and Windows XP compatibility. You can get it from the downloads page.

    4 replies to "Mirekusoft Install Monitor"

    • Thanks for the info
      However, i couldn’t download the Install Monitor
      It brings 404 Error page, please can you fix it


      • Joe

        The download link should be working. Which one were you having trouble with?


      Hello !
      Does Install Monitor produces a log file after an installation to show all the process of the install (New files, Dlls, Inscription in the Register, etc…) for Window XP ?



      P.S. I couldn’t download the Install Monitor on you site (https://www.mirekusoft.com/mirekusoft-install-monitor-2-0-284-0/)
      It brings 404 Error page.

      • Joe

        The download page link is fixed. You can see the files and registry in the Contents pane.

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