Protect Your Business Computers with Install Monitor 2.0!

Your business relies on your computers to function at peak performance, and you can’t afford to have them running at a snail’s pace. You also can’t afford to keep paying expensive IT consultants to give you the runaround on simple issues that you could have prevented yourself. One of the best investments you can make when purchasing or updating your computers is a software installation monitor.

What Does a Software Installation Monitor Do?

Software installation monitoring tools help you manage applications in order to keep your computers running smoothly. Whenever you install a program or application on your computer, it very often installs files, add-ons and adds new registry items all over your computer. Many applications also have an embedded auto-start function in that they open as soon as your system is powered up, leading to slow start-up times. An installation monitoring software puts you in control by allowing you to see how your applications are utilizing system resources and stop those auto-start programs from slowing down your computers. When you monitor software installation changes, you can see right away whether your applications are slowing down your system performance, thereby saving you both time and funds for an unnecessary IT check-up.

Another key feature of installation monitoring tools is that, when it comes time to uninstall unwanted programs or old versions of updated software, these tools go above and beyond Window’s basic uninstall tool. Because some applications do end up affecting files all over your system and your registry, your uninstall process often misses these hidden additions. You end up with junk data that slows down your computer and sucks up system resources for no reason.

Where Can I Find a Proven Software Installation Monitor?

Mirekusoft’s Install Monitor 2.0 offers the very best in installation monitoring so you can keep your business computers running smoothly. With both a Standard and Premium version available, you can invest in an affordable yet invaluable tool that can help your systems run at peak efficiency. As a trusted provider of application management tools, Mirekusoft is here to help you keep your business running smoothly.

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