Tips in quickly removing unused programs and files

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One of the best ways to speed up a computer and reduce disk usage is by getting rid of programs you no longer need. In fact it is possible you only actively use less than half of your programs. This may be because of preinstalled software or a game or application you installed to run a few times.

How can you decide what programs can be removed?

Tips in removing unused programs and files
How do I know which programs to use?

There are different ways to find programs and items that can be removed that involve some work and guessing. Mirekusoft Install Monitor can make it simpler by giving you more information about programs that are installed. (Image on top taken from Stock Images/

Mirekusoft Install Monitor Makes It Easier and More Convenient

Now Install Monitor provides more information about how you use your programs that can help you in deciding what programs to keep. There are two new columns called “Usage” and “Last Used” that show you how often you use a program and the last time you used the program.

With this information you no longer have to compromise on disk space or guess how much you use a program. This makes it easier to remove programs you are not using.

NOTE: Install Monitor also provides a “User” column which provides information about who installed a particular program. This can be useful on systems that have multiple users.

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