Discover What’s Slowing Your Computer With Mirekusoft’s Software Monitoring Tool

In an effort to be the biggest and the best, today’s software programs are often overly bloated with features, add-ons and automatic processes that you sometimes really don’t need. For example, far too many programs include an automatic start feature, which means they attempt to open the second you boot up the computer. This slows down your computer’s start-up time and bogs down your processor. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell what exactly is eating up your system’s resources, which is why a software monitoring tool is an important asset for basic computer maintenance.

How Can a Software Monitoring Tool Help Me?

From the very second you install a new program, this tool can monitor software installation changes; you can see exactly where and how the new program is affecting your system, including all those hidden processes you can’t see yet may still be eating up your processor’s resources.  PC monitoring tools allow you to see if a bloated program has unnecessary processes running in the background, subsequently slowing down your computer’s performance. You can find both basic free software installation monitoring tools, as well as low-cost versions with greater functionality so that you really can be in control of your system through savvy application management.

Where Can I Find a Comprehensive Software Monitoring Tool?

At Mirekusoft, we have developed our Install Monitor 2.0 software to be the ultimate in software monitoring. This tool helps prevent programs from slowing down your computer and improves your startup time. You can also see how big programs are and what changes they make to your system, fix problems caused when old versions of a program do not remove themselves, and helps you to identify and remove unwanted programs. One of the best features is our Process Viewer, which allows you to identify what processes are running and terminate unnecessary processes quickly and easily. We put the power of your computer back into your hands.

If you are ready to take your computer to the next level by taking control of your programs and applications, download Mirekusoft’s Install Monitor 2.0 today!

download Mirekusoft’s Install Monitor 2.0 today

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