Software Removal Tools: Using a Scalpel Where a Chainsaw Won’t Do

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The sheer amount of software available for you to download onto your PC is incredible. No matter what you want to accomplish, you can use your PC to get it done with the right software installed. Unfortunately, with so much available, it can sometimes be easy to download software that you neither want nor need. Sometimes this means having a program piggyback onto another program that you do want, installing it by accident. Other times, it means that you thought a program would do something for you – but it doesn’t.

The solution to these problems is to remove the software, but that is often easier said than done. The creators and owners of this software have an investment in you keeping that software on your computer, and so they have made it difficult to actually uninstall their software. This may mean that you literally can’t hit “uninstall” and just be rid of the software, or it may mean that even after you’ve uninstalled it, pieces of the software remain behind undetected.

Chasing the Ghost of Programs Past

chasing the ghost of programs past

At first, this errant software can be ignored and forgotten, but over time it becomes a greater and greater nuisance. Soon, your computer begins to slow down due to all the excess data floating about, causing your processor to regularly check in with it for no reason whatsoever; some software will even periodically demand a portion of resources – RAM, primarily – at times, considerably slowing your computer up.

Eventually, your computer may begin to freeze up and experience serious operational problems. It can become impossible to use any software that takes up even the minutest amount of processing power, as most of your computer’s resources are devoted to programs and files that you have no use for.

When your computer is unable to rid itself of the excess software that is slowing it down, you have to turn to a third party. Your typical Windows operating system is only so capable of removing registry files and errant software, as it doesn’t want you mucking around in sensitive files that could do damage to the functions of the system. Third-party program removal tools can go deeper than Windows itself can, allowing you to clean out all of the truly disruptive files on your system.

Finding the Right Software Removal Tool

As you probably aren’t a software engineer, you don’t want the kind of technical, super-detailed program removal tools that many companies offer; they can be difficult to operate due to the information being presented in a confusing manner. The best software removal tools present the information you need to make an intelligent decision about what and what not to remove in an easy-to-read and understand manner.

Great software removal tools allow you to go deep into your computer and remove select registry files that are no longer essential to the operations of any software on your system, but which continue to drain resources from your computer in order to keep themselves running. Software removal tools also allow you to identify programs that you may have inadvertently installed which you no longer wish to have on your computer, but which you are having a difficult time removing on your own.

Remarkable Improvement

By removing these files and programs, your computer will experience an incredible improvement in speed and operations. You will find that freezes, data loss, and the slowing of your computer is greatly reduced – perhaps even non-existent.

This also makes room for you to install new software to make your life easier and give you access to new and improved functions. After all, software and technology is always changing, but that’s only useful for you if you keep up with those changes. By removing older software and removing it with new and improved software, you can stay on the cutting edge.

There are many other ways to deal with a slowing and cluttered computer, most notably reformatting your hard drive, but this can be a time-consuming process. After all, you aren’t just re-formatting your computer; you’re also backing up your files, re-installing your operating system, then reinstalling all of the software you want, and then re-uploading the files you wanted to keep. This is an exhausting process, and one you will have to go through regularly every year, every season, even every month. With a software removal tool, you can save yourself the time and frustration that comes with wiping your computer and use a scalpel where a chainsaw won’t do!

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