The background on background programs

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One of the characteristics of bloatware is unnecessary programs running in the background. In the example last time Application Foo had five programs running and all you needed it for was viewing widgets. Many times these background programs are unnecessary or should be optional. They generally fall into a few categories like providing easier user-interface access, update functionality, extra functionality, and support programs.

Why are there so many background programs?

Too many options
Too many background options!!!
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Many times for programmers the easy solution to a problem is to just add another program. It usually requires more engineering to figure out solutions that are more optimized. Software develops tend to think in terms of only their product and not about the cumulative effect of other developers making similar decisions. For example if every program requires 5 unnecessary programs the users machine is soon bogged down with unnecessary programs. Unfortunately the user is left to suffer the consequences of the extra programs. The extra programs require greater power and resource usage. They can slow system startup and keep the system busier. They also clutter process listings like in Task Manager.

Is there an alternate program available?

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Sometimes there is an alternative program that provides the same functionality that is less bloated. Other times users are not left with many options if the software is needed for hardware like a printer. In a few cases programs will offer ways to turn of the background programs by disabling unused features. In most cases users are sometimes left to disabling background programs through the registry. In a subsequent post we will look at why a lot of background programs are unnecessary.

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