Need Help Keeping Your Business’s Computers Running Smoothly? Mirekusoft Has the Software Monitoring Tools You Need

If one or more of your business computers are running more slowly than usual, recently installed applications or programs may be the culprit. Whether your employees downloaded unauthorized applications, or you installed a new software package with unintended results, your systems’ performances may be hampered by hidden processes.

How Can I Find Out if Installed Programs Are The Culprit?

An essential addition to your business computers is the utilization of system monitoring tools. If this is a new concept, you may be wondering what are system monitor tools. These unique tools help monitor the installation of both applications and programs so you can see just where and how your system is affected. You can discover what is bogging down your processor and see if installed programs have hidden processes that are running in the background without your knowledge. Software monitoring tools can also help you detect whether updated versions of current programs failed to remove sections of the older versions. When unused junk files are left behind, the result can be slower computer performance.

What is a Good System Monitoring Tool?

Mirekusoft has created an incredible system monitoring tool that can help you keep track of how your programs and installed applications. Our Install Monitor 2.0 program includes the following key features:

  • Startup Monitor – prevents programs from automatically starting so your boot-up time is faster
  • Program Tree – See what programs were installed together
  • Program Process Viewer – an easy way to see what programs are running and what resources they are using, and terminate programs quickly
  • Program Scanner – gives the ability to get more information about existing programs
  • Provides more information about your programs like how often you use them

Our system monitoring tool can also uninstall programs better than your operating system for increased performance. 

Discover how Mirekusoft can help keep your business computers , and therefore your productivity where you need it to be.

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