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install monitor

Intelligent Monitoring Runs in Background

Once installed, Mirekusoft Install Monitor runs in the background and starts monitoring program installs in real-time. It’s lightweight so it will have minimal impact on your PC.

Completely Remove a Windows Program

Mirekusoft Install Monitor provides an interface similar to the Windows Control Panel. Obtain information about a program by selecting it. You can even easily search online. Once you decide to remove the program, click ‘Uninstall’ to begin the removal process.

Uninstall Program With IM4

Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files

and Registry

After the uninstaller has run, Install Monitor will guide you through the cleanup process. This step makes sure there are no unnecessary files or registry left behind on your system.

Preventing Unnecessary Restarts

Even though many uninstallers will require a reboot, Install Monitor prevents the automatic restart. 

Keep Your PC Clean With Mirekusoft Install Monitor

After you’ve cleaned up the program with Install Monitor your work is done. You can be sure there’s nothing left behind. It makes it easy to improve your system performance.

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