Install Monitor Releases

This page will be used to track Install Monitor releases. We use the following versioning format <major>.<minor>.<build>.<hotfix>. The major number will increase on major releases. The minor number will increase on feature updates. The build will always increase and the hotfix number will increase if it’s a bug fix update. Install Monitor 5.1.1184.0 What’s New … Read more

4sysops Reviews Mirekusoft: Why You Should Pay Attention

Windows users encounter common problems: slow performance, excessive startup programs, and the lingering remnants of uninstalled software. These issues can be frustrating and, in some cases, lead to system instability. While there are many software programs that promise to address these concerns, one stands out for its proactive approach to system optimization – Mirekusoft Install … Read more

Freeappsforme reviews Mirekusoft Install Monitor

Freeappsforme is a source that observes the best apps and software on the market – everyone will find something special for them. They recently reviewed Mirekusoft Install Monitor and said: All in all, if you want to keep your PC free from junk files while using the user-friendly software you should definitely try Mirekusoft Install … Read more

Fix Slow Boot Time in Windows by Disabling Startup Programs

If your PC starts up really slow, there are quite a few possible culprits. It could be the result of having too many startup programs, corrupted operating system files, outdated drivers, or even a virus. However, the most common culprit of slow boot time is too many startup programs. So in this post, we’re going … Read more

Identify Bundled Programs with Program Tree

Many programs install another program alongside them. This is often the case when they need another program to function properly or to their fullest. Sometimes, however, it’s not a case of requirement or dependency. A program installer may come with a bundleware, which can either be good or bad. We’ve covered bundleware in our previous … Read more