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3 Easy Tips for a More Stable and Faster PC

To recap, Mirekusoft Install Monitor simplifies system maintenance by providing an intelligent and complete solution to system maintenance.

Compared to other solutions, which focus on curing the symptons, Mirekusoft Install Monitor is introduced as a preventive solution, allowing for a 100% cleanup. This helps improve the performance and reliability of your system.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor does this through an extra layer of protection to your PC that provides unique benefits. You won’t find this combination of simplicty and power in other software. Consider just a few scenarios:

Scenario 1 Removing unwanted toolbars, windows

You might see a toolbar you don’t recognize while maintaining your own or your friends system. Toolbars often piggyback on software, or are bundled with other unwanted programs. Normally you would hope it will provide an uninstall button or you will be able to recognize it in the Windows Control Panel.

However the situation is different with Install Monitor. Simply click the 1 icon icon in the UI. Follow the instructions provided and hover your mouse on the toolbar that you want to remove. Install Monitor will identify the related program. You can now completely remove the toolbar.

However, before you remove it you might wonder how you got the toolbar. You can use the Program Tree to see what other software was installed with the toolbar on your system. You can identify other potential unwanted progams and remove them from your system. Also knowing how you got the toolbar can help you to avoid getting into a similar situation in the future. This doesn’t work only for toolbars but other windows as well.

2 unwanted toolbar

(Unwanted toolbar)

Scenario 2 Preventing programs like iTunes from slowing down your system

If you have an iPhone, iPod, or other Apple hardware, you likely need to run iTunes on Windows (iTunes was originally designed for the Mac so the Windows version tends to be bloated. We use iTunes as an example but the following applies to any other application). Yet iTunes includes several background processes that you mostly don’t need when you’re not running it. One reason your PC’s performance slows down are processes of unused programs running in the background. How can we prevent them from running when we’re not using iTunes and reduce the performance impact? We’ve previously focused on Install Monitor’s abilty to completely remove things but this is different. What are some of the unique features that can help us out in this case?

3 itunes

(iTunes installs 5 different programs)

Since you already had Install Monitor installed, it would have detected iTunes and its supporting programs. You can easily see the programs installed together in the Program Tree. With the Program Process Viewer, you are able to see how many processes iTunes related programs are running and how much resources they are using.

You can click “End Program” to stop the program from running. It automatically stops related background processes and services. In this case, you can click End Program to stop iTunes from running. But when you restart the computer you will find the same situation again with iTunes running in the background. In addition your computer will be starting slower because of that.

So how do you regain control of your system?

This is where the Startup Monitor comes into play. You can click on Startup Monitor icon 4 iconin the toolbar. Now, you can uncheck the programs that you don’t want to run. In our case, unselect the iTunes related programs and click ‘OK’. That’s all that there is to it! Now these unchecked programs will no longer slow down your system.

Can I start it when needed? Absolutely. A new feature in our newest version of Install Monitor will stop any background processes that are still running after you exit the program. Simply right-click the iTunes program and select “Start”. It will then start as normal.

Of course this works for other programs. I personally use it for programs that I only sometimes need to run. It also works as a good alternative to removing a program if you’re unsure you will need it in the future. This really allows you reduce the performance impact from extra programs running.

Scenario 3 Removing unused programs and free up diskspace

There are times you may need to free up disk space. Software tends to get bigger. Also using less space makes it easier to keep your drive defragmented, which improves perfromance. Solid state drives (SSD) drives are much more expensive and usually have lower capacities. The Windows Control Panel is pretty much useless in this situation. The size information is usually way off and there’s are no accurate indications of how often or when you last used a program. Even if you are able to pick the right program you might not recover all the disk space.

However if you have Mirekusoft Install Monitor installed it becomes much easier to know what to remove. First, the size column gives you a more accurate representation of how much space the program uses. There are columns called “Usage” and “Last Used” that show you how often you use a program and the last time you used the program. Using these columns help you determine the biggest programs that you don’t use often. You can always right-click online to search more information and look at the Program Tree to see what programs were installed with it.

Because of Install Monitor’s protective layer, you’re guaranteed complete cleanup of files and registry.

5 control

Did you know that one of the many unique features of the Mirekusoft Install Monitor is the added protective layer that helps protect against malware? We’ll talk about this in our next post.

A new and improved version

We released a new and improved version of Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3. As a reminder subscribe to the newsletter on the right-hand side of the home page to get access to the latest news and any special discounts or offers.

Do you have any questions/comments about the tips we discussed? What additional areas would you like tips in. You can join the discussion here.

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The Secrets Of A Clean Uninstall

Last time we talked about why you want to take control of your PC to improve its performance and reliability. Let’s now talk about how. Remember, software you install slows down your computer and doesn’t completely remove itself when uninstalled. These factors contribute to a sluggish and less reliable system.

Existing solutions such as registry cleaners, uninstallers, and system optimizers don’t fully give you back control. One approach used is a scanning-based approach, which scans pre-defined locations for items known to be left by uninstalled programs. The scan is resource-intensive and takes some time. After that the user is presented with a long list of items the program believes can be removed. It is up to the user to verify whether this is indeed the case. These programs might try to fix problems that really don’t exist such as reporting issues on fresh installed systems. However, this can possibly cause other problems.

Another approach used involves using snapshots to determine what was changed. The user needs to make sure the snapshot is created before installing software. Taking a snapshot requires a lot of system resources (processer usage, disk activity and space). It doesn’t work well with installs that have multiple installers or reboots.

Better approach to performance and reliability

This was a simplified discussion but in general existing solutions are fragmented, slow/resource intensive, not intelligent, and have extra complexity. Something more intelligent and light-weight is needed for a complete solution. The better approach that Mirekusoft Install Monitor uses is to intelligently track the changes made to your system when programs are installed. This allows you to manage the effect on your system and completely remove them. It takes the guesswork out of it and puts you back in control.

Think about it another way. Smartphones generally don’t have the same problems as PC’s with performance and reliablity. You don’t have to run registry cleaners or uninstallers. That’s because the OS remains in control and makes sure applications are completely removed and only run when the user wants. Thus the user remains in control. Mirekusoft Install Monitor gives you the same advantage on your PC.

There are additional benefits of this approach we will discuss. But first how do you do it?

Uninstalling Programs – The Windows Method

You can open ‘Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features’ and you’ll see a list of installed programs. Right-click a program, click ‘Uninstall’ and follow the procedure.

the windows method

(The Programs and Features overview in Windows)

Unfortunately, this method fails to completely remove all traces of the software. However, if you have Mirekusoft Install Monitor installed there’s a better alternative. Compared to the Windows method, it is more advanced and involves an extra step that cleans your system up thoroughly.

Completely Removing a Windows Program

Mirekusoft Install Monitor provides an interface similar to the Windows Control Panel. For starters, you can right-click a particular program and click ‘Uninstall’ so as to begin the process of removal.

removing a program IM3

(Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3 Program overview – Uninstall)

Before you decide to remove a program, make sure you look for more information about the program. Click on the program and Install Monitor will display more information in the right-hand side bar. Right-click on the program to instantly look up program information online.

Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files/Registry

Now, this step is not available in the Windows Control Panel and is why Mirekusoft Install Monitor makes a difference when it comes to cleaning up your system after you’ve removed the program.

cleaning up the registry

(Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3 Program overview – Full Cleanup)

It’s an optional (but necessary) process given that one has to option of looking at the files/registry that will be removed with this step before actually going through with the ‘Clean Up’ process. At some point, when you decide to clean up by right-clicking the program, you will come across a dialog box that invites you to ‘View Contents’ before going through with the process itself.

Cleaning up the registry 2

(Program Content overview – folded)

This step allows you to remove any extra folders or files as well as registry entries that are unnecessary given that program has now been taken off the system.

Making New Installations with Mirekusoft Install Monitor Running in the Background

Mirekusoft Install Monitor monitors programs in real-time, so the program is still running in the background even when you don’t open it.

So, if you close the Install Monitor, reinstall the program and run the Install Monitor again, you’ll find that it captures the program as a legitimate one in the list of programs.

Obtain Information about the Reinstalled Program

Now, click the reinstalled program and select the ‘Content’ tab at the bottom of your screen in order to view directories and the additional files that have been installed.

Obtain information

(Program Content overview – expanded)

It should be pointed out that since the Mirekusoft Install Monitor keeps tabs on what has changed, installed and removed in real-time, there should be no doubt that it uninstalls and cleans up a program completely just as well.

Preventing unnecessary restarts

To remove any files in use, program uninstallers will typically require a system reboot and sometimes not give you an option. Install Monitor prevents the automatic restart and will remove leftover files – without requiring a reboot. Just another way Install Monitor puts you back in control. For more information click here.

Keep Your PC Clean and Improve Efficiency with Mirekusoft Install Monitor

After you’ve cleaned up the program with Install Monitor your work is done. A large difference when compared to the Windows Control Panel option to remove programs.

If you’ve followed these steps you’ll see that Mirekusoft Install Monitor not only maintains your system by performing a complete clean-up, but also improves system performance as a result.

With Install Monitor, you’ll have not only a program that removes Windows applications thoroughly but you have added a new, extra layer of protection that will keep your hard drive clean and tidy and help your PC running smoothly.

What are some additional benefits of this extra layer of protection for improving system performance and reliability?

Be sure to look out for our next post to get the answer.

Please comment and ask questions here.

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Take control of your PC

Do you feel like you’re in control of your computer?

A recent user poll suggested that most users want to be able to completely remove all traces of a program. That was the most important thing to me when I created Install Monitor. It was frustrating to see that most uninstallers failed to remove all traces, sometimes even crashing or aborting during uninstall.

The inability to cleanly uninstall created reliablity issues when installing other programs or later versions of the same program. Also, performance got worse as more leftover junk got left behind.

Accumulated junk files was just one issue. Another issue was not being able to tell what changes a program made to my system. What extra processes were running or slowing down the startup of my computer? How could I identify what programs to remove to increase disk space or speed things up? 

As a software developer, lack of control was frustrating. I develop software to do what I wanted but when I installed/uninstalled software on my computer, I was totally powerless.

I knew registry cleaners, uninstallers, and system optimizers attempted to address some of these maintenance problems. However, those solutions only partially addressed the problem. What was needed was a simpler but more powerful approach.

I discovered that the best approach was to intelligently track changes to a system when a program was installed. This would give me the ability to completely remove all traces.

I developed this capabality into Mirekusoft Install Monitor as the first step in taking control of my system. This enabled me to improve the reliability, performance and manageability of my computer.

In addition to providing complete cleanup, Install Monitor has added more unique features that put you in control with additional ways to improve performanceincrease disk space, and providing more data about your applications.

How do you start taking control of your PC? Stay tuned for details on how you can take control.

What issues have you run into trying to maintain the performance/reliability of you system?

You can join the discussion here.

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2015 Must-have IT Skills List

2014 is coming to a close and very soon we will be meeting year 2015. Are you prepared for the challenges it has to offer? Read these must-have IT skills list and try your best to gain if not master one of these.

Be professional with these IT skills list

Database Administration

With big data trending this 2014, expect it’s continues rise in the year 2014. How beneficial will it be to aspiring IT specialist to focus in becoming an expert in this field?

What you’ll be doing?

You can choose to master any of the following database administration roles:

  • Database security
  • Database tuning
  • Backup and recovery
  • Producing reports from queries

Given these, you will most definitely require several years of training and experience.  However, this is one of the most promising careers in the years to come.

Business intelligence analytics

Do you love numbers and logic? Then this could be a field for you to master. It includes servicing companies with:

  • Data warehousing
  • Enterprise information
  • Enterprise performance management
  • Analytic applications
  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Compliance

Sounds like a broad task? It truly is, but it is also one of the most interesting IT skills in our list. It doesn’t only entail a good sense of IT knowledge and skills, but also requires good interpersonal and speaking ability.

Very few professionals can gain these skills. However, those who do are enjoying the fruits of their.

Mobile applications and device management

Mashable reports that they expect over 5 billion people to use mobile phones by the year 2017. This is not a very bold prediction especially with low cost phones manufactured in China and India. What does this mean for professionals in the IT industry?

It means more opportunities for mobile developers to stand-out from the crowd.  Very few people have acquired this skill, which makes it third of the most difficult skill to find in the world. So just imagine what your worth will be if you include this in your resume?

Project management

You may not have a set of expert IT skills list, but you have the unique talent of managing people with their skills and time. Then you have more chances in becoming a project manager for IT companies.

This is an equally important element for a successful project because meeting deadlines is hard to accomplish with no one leading.  However, you need to know a bit about marketing and business key performance indicators to properly prioritize the needs of the project.

Help desk and technical support specialist

Do you have good communication skills but find it difficult to execute things you’ve learned in school? Are you more on the theoretical side? Then landing a job as a help desk and technical support specialist may be your calling?

With many companies introducing and marketing new web services and mobile applications, it is vital for them to have increased demand for help desk and technical support specialist. You may be the star player they are looking for.

Brush up your communication skills and start updating your IT skills list on your resume. Otherwise, read this infographic and upgrade your skills, today.

Top 10 skills every successful professional should have

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Computer quotes to inspire and remember

Quotes inspire and give you motivation. It helps you see life in a different perspective and embrace the challenges it has given you.  It is freely shared and gladly accepted by those looking for inspiration.

Today, we share you some amazing computer quotes said by great minds in the industry. It is for you to indulge, keep and hopefully treasure.

#1 Computer Quote

This  is my favorite quote ( a personal preference, of course 🙂 ) It is absolutely true for me, who loves computer and internet so much.

I love my computer because my friends live in it

Computer quote to love – Top 1

#2 Computer Quote

Who doesn’t love Google? It is one of the best friends any computer enthusiast have, next to Siri or Cortana (whichever you prefer).

Somethings man was never meant to know. For everything else there is Google

Computer quote favorite top 2

#3 Computer Quote

Although I am not a romantic by heart, this is simply sweet. Computer screens have helped distant lovers close to one another. It has kept families neatly tied. Who knows, I may find my special someone online, too! Okay, so I must be going overboard.

Even though we're miles apart, a computer screen connects our hearts.

Sweet computer quote – Top 3

#4 Computer Quote

If you are into computer language design, web development, programming and search engine optimization then you’ll say, YES. This is a fact!

It also tells my age, as I can still recall the first time I watched Jurassic Park in the big screen. It was huge!

Anyway, there's plenty of room for doubt. It might seem easy enough, but computer language design is just like a stroll in the park. Jurassic Park that, is.

Computer quote goes adventure fun – Top 4

#5 Computer Quote

I am not a beer drinker, probably the reason why I love this. However most of all I value silence and secrecy.



I wanted this to be a list of Top-10 likes. I am hoping you could contribute some computer quotes you liked and got you inspired, too.

Use the comment box below to share yours.


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