Increasing Performance and Reliability

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This is the third post in a series of blog posts about the improvements we have made in Mirekusoft Install Monitor 4.0. In this post we will focus on the reliability, performance, and compatiblity improvements.

Under the Hood – Improving the Architecture

One of the changes in IM4 was the re-designing of the architecture of the software. Essentially the change in architecture was to move to a more modular design. This allows for several benefits. It improves the overall performance and reliability. By reducing the size of individual modules, it allows greater focus to make each one as robust as possible.

Another benefit is it creates a more stable platform to be able to add additional functionality faster.

Faster Performance

Another focus of IM4 was improving the speed of the program. In previous versions if you had lots of monitored installations you might have noticed slowdowns at times or even an occasional busy dialog. This should not be the case anymore as we improved the speed for several operations. For some operations speed has dramatically increased. Application startup, the speed of different views and search, and monitoring of changes were some of the performance focuses. As a result of the work on performance it made it possible to more easily present information that you would have had to access through a menu command. For instance, in IM3 the Program Properties command was used to get counts of files and registry changes. Now you can get a quick glance of changes on your PC directly in the Programs tab.

Better Program Compatibility

In certain cases, Install Monitor’s method of monitoring changes can result in incompatibilities an application. We made improvements on fixing incompatibilities with existing applications. There is also now a general method of addressing an incompatibility. If a program doesn’t work as expected you can add it in Options|Monitoring to the list of applications excluded from monitoring.

Try the Best Install Monitor Yet

In the past of couple of posts, we have tried to give you an idea of the improvements in Install Monitor. Really with Install Monitor 4, the product takes a giant leap forward with improvements in usability, the uninstaller, and performance and reliability. I can guarantee you if you have tried Install Monitor in the past you will not be disappointed with the latest version. Let us know your thoughts below!