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Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3.0.519.3

There is a new version of Install Monitor available on the downloads page. This release contains several bug fixes and improved reliability and compatibility.

Some of the important changes are:

-Improved compatibility with the latest Windows 10 Insider Previews – you should install this build before upgrading to a Windows 10 Insider Preview 14942 or later

-Fixed condition where the product asks you to activate on a new installation

-Improved compatibility with Windows Store Apps such as Forza Horizon 3

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New Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3.0!

A new major version of Mirekusoft Install Monitor has been released.You can get it from the downloads page.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3 comes packed with improvements. There are bug fixes, performance/reliability/compatibility improvements. There is also support for Windows 10.

The user interface has been updated to be more responsive while providing more different views, more status messages, and program instant search. It’s easier to find items in the different panes with quick find.

Furthermore, the accuracy of program usage information has been improved. The program pane also makes easier to identify programs that can be run versus support programs and new programs that have not been run are highlighted.

Startup Monitor has been expanded to give your more control over what’s running. When you exit a program disabled in Startup Monitor we automatically kill all background processes.

We’ve added the ability to add custom exclusions to Program Cleanup.

More details will follow.

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What software can you not live without?

I was browsing Ask Slashdot and stumbled upon this question:

“Whenever I install a fresh operating system on my computer, I immediately grab a handful of programs that I simply must have. After that, I generally wait and install other pieces of software as I need them.

“It can be time-consuming and risky to install and evaluate every single option. So, I’m curious: what pieces of software do you find the most useful and reliable?”

What software should be installed on a fresh computer?

What software can you not live without?

What software can you not live without?

This is my take on the topic. I find it easier to avoid reinstalling the computer in the future through Install Monitor. It is a great choice as it helps me deal with instability caused by bad software installers/uninstallers. It also helps to make sure I can maintain the system’s performance. In fact Install Monitor works best when you install it on a clean system. It will help to maintain your system’s reliability and performance.

So what software should be installed on a fresh computer? It is undoubtedly Mirekusoft Install Monitor.


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Mirekusoft Install Monitor Addresses Windows OS Decay Problem

Microsoft recently unveiled preview of its future Windows 10 OS. This contains several additional and improved features such as:

  • Return of the Start menu
  • Virtual desktops
  • Metroapps on the desktop
  • New task view button
  • Improved snapping
Microsoft building and Windows 10

The building of Microsoft (image taken from

As early as today, many are already eager to try these new features even if it is under beta. However, Andy Patrizio of has raised a very important issue Windows 10 has yet to address – OS decay.

What is OS Decay?

It is inevitable for users to add and remove programs over time. Sadly, this pushes Windows to keep on writing more and more temporary and junk files into your systems. This eats up disc space causing your system to slow down – thus OS Decay.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor Responds to OS Decay

One of the main causes of OS decay is the writing of temporary and junk files into your system. This eats up disc space resulting to slower PC performance. With Mirekusoft Install Monitor, you can easily and completely uninstall unwanted programs leaving no trace of unnecessary files in your system.

What is Mirekusoft Install Monitor?

Install Monitor works by monitoring what resources such as file and registry are created when a program is installed. Install Monitor’s intelligent program remover can help solve problems that are caused when a program does not uninstall properly. The result is better application management and a system that operates more efficiently. It also allows you to prevent programs from automatically starting to reduce the amount of programs running and improve performance.

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