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Remove Unused and Broken Programs

Install Monitor makes it easy to speed up your PC and reduce disk usage by getting rid of programs you no longer need. In fact it is possible you actively use less than half of your programs. This may be because of preinstalled software or a game or application you installed to run a few times.

Install Monitor Program List
Uninstall Program With IM4

Detailed Program Information

Easily find out which programs to remove with detailed program information on usage frequency, last used date, accurate size estimates and more.

Easily Identify Programs

Easy identification of what program a window, file, or registry key/value belongs to. No need to guess how you got a file or registry item.

easily identify programs
Removing Unwanted Toolbars

Remove Unwanted Toolbars and Windows

The Find Window tool identifies all changes related to the toolbar or popup. No more mystery toolbars or windows!

Free Up Disk Space

Mirekusoft Install Monitor provides a much better way to reclaim disk space. See how much space applications are using and identify the biggest disk space culprits without waiting for a long scan to complete. With Install Monitor’s complete cleanup ability you are guaranteed to get the disk space back.

Free Up Disk Space
mirekusoft improve startup

Improve Startup

The Startup tab prevents programs from running at startup. Disabling a startup program is as simple as unchecking the box. No need to determine what widgetsupport.exe does.

Get an Overview with Program Tree

With the Program Tree, Install Monitor groups programs together based on how they were installed. For instance many large programs include several support programs. With the Program Tree it is easier to see this relationship and remove all related programs when uninstalling.

mirekusoft program tree
mirekusoft control monitor performance

Control and Monitor Performance

The Performance tab groups related processes together to make it easier to see which programs are running.

Control System Restarts

Prevent program uninstallers from automatically restarting your system after removing a program. Restart Monitor lets you control when to restart your computer.

mirekusoft startup view

See How a Program Starts Automatically

One of the unique features of Mirekusoft Install Monitor is the ability to show startup items by installed program. Startup items are generally executable programs that are configured to run during system startup or login or browser startup.

Remove All Traces of Malware

While many malware solutions can detect malware they are actually not that good at completely removing all traces of the malware. This is like how cancer can be detected but it is harder to remove completely.

mirekusoft program scanner

Program Scanner

The Program Scanner analyzes previously installed applications to find missing program information so that you can use the application management features with your existing programs.

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