How to Identify Unknown Programs with the Program Tree

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Program Tree is one of the new features provided by Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0. It displays installed programs grouped by other programs they were installed with.

mirekusoft prog tree

What Benefit Will I Get From It?

This can be useful in:

  • Finding out how a program was installed on your computer
  • Seeing if programs are related

What is a Bundleware?

It is easy to install a program and not realize you are installing something else that has been bundled with the program you want. This might happen just by not unchecking a couple of buttons. Some badly behaved programs do not even give an option to not install the bundled programs. These bundled programs known as bundleware can be used to generate revenue or even spy on users.


An example of bundleware

How Does the Program Tree Fix Bundleware?

Later on, the user realizes they have something installed they did not want. It may not be obvious how the software was originally installed. With the Program Tree, Install Monitor is able to group together programs based on how these were installed. For instance many large programs include several support programs. With the Program Tree it is easier to see this relationship and remove all programs when uninstalling. The keyboard shortcut for the program tree is Ctrl-B.


With the Program Tree it is possible to see when programs are installed together

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