Install Monitor 4.4

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 4.4 includes several improvements, including many that users have asked for. You can find the full list of updates here. In this post we will focus just on a few items. Removing Changes Based on Time Install Monitor already makes it easy to remove changes based on installed programs. However sometimes you … Read more

Install Monitor version 4.3

We are announcing the release of Mirekusoft Install Monitor 4.3. You can find the full list of updates here. I wanted to briefly discuss some of the changes here. Providing smarter insights into program changes At the heart of what makes Install Monitor so useful is that once installed it automatically provides complete control and … Read more

Install Monitor Releases

This page will be used to track Install Monitor releases. We use the following versioning format <major>.<minor>.<build>.<hotfix>. The major number will increase on major releases. The minor number will increase on feature updates. The build will always increase and the hotfix number will increase if it’s a bug fix update. Install Monitor 5.1.1184.0 What’s New … Read more

Setup Improvements in Install Monitor

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 4 Setup

Setup will likely be your first experience when using Install Monitor. We felt there were several things we could do to improve that initial experience. The focus was making it easy and reliable. Let’s consider some of these improvements. Installer Improvements In Install Monitor 4.1 we now have a streamlined and quicker install process. There … Read more

The New and Improved Uninstaller

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 4 Clean Up Dialog Screenshot

Install Monitor’s intelligent monitoring approach guarantees that all files and registries are removed on uninstall. It is simpler than other uninstallers which require you to specifically monitor a program. Once Install Monitor is running you can be sure that will you get 100% cleanup for any new programs that are installed. To find out more … Read more