Setup Improvements in Install Monitor

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Setup will likely be your first experience when using Install Monitor. We felt there were several things we could do to improve that initial experience. The focus was making it easy and reliable. Let’s consider some of these improvements.

Installer Improvements

In Install Monitor 4.1 we now have a streamlined and quicker install process.

There is now a single installer for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. You no longer need to select the right one. The appropriate files are then downloaded and installed.

The installer is also self-updateable to make it easier to always get the latest version.

The new installer user interface that is functional and informative. The number of button clicks is much less. In fact the product can now be installed with just one button click.

The install should be faster and will only show major status updates.

Reliability has been improved with better logging.

New Bootstrapper Engine

The bootstrappers engine is responsible for making sure all pre-requisites are installed. There is a new engine that will handle pre-requisites betters. This fixes issues with checking for and installing the latest pre-requisites. There is also no longer a requirement to Enable .Net Framework to install.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 4 Setup

Figure 1 The new installer