Install Monitor Releases

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This page will be used to track Install Monitor releases.

We use the following versioning format <major>.<minor>.<build>.<hotfix>. The major number will increase on major releases. The minor number will increase on feature updates. The build will always increase and the hotfix number will increase if it’s a bug fix update.

Install Monitor 5.1.1184.0

  • What’s New
    • Welcome Guide – provides a guide to the different Install Monitor features
    • Windows Update Restart Blocking – prevent Windows Updates from automatically restarting and causing you to lose work
    • Program cleanup aggressiveness option
    • Performance view has been enhanced to show more details
    • Add ability to merge uninstalled programs for easier organization
    • Program Show Contents can show more items
    • Improve system cleanup selection
    • Support offline activation
    • Improve when background maintenance runs
    • Add ability to remove programs from tracking
    • Program cleanup backup is faster and only saves what is removed
  • Fixes
    • UI speed improvements
    • Fix possible high system CPU usage
    • Fix for possibles crashes
    • Fix some upgrades requiring restarts
    • Fix some issues that could cause the service to crash
    • Fix install notifications when running LibreOffice
    • Fix possible crash when uninstalling programs
    • Fix duplicate items in storage view
    • Fix issues that could lead to programs not being completely removed
    • Get Diagnostics fix for possible hang

Install Monitor 5.0.1162.1

  • Fixes
    • Fix service crash
    • Fix incorrect install notifications for some programs like LibreOffice
    • Fix possible UI crash during uninstall
    • Fix Storage View duplicating items
    • Improve System Cleanup selection
    • General UI fixes

Install Monitor 5.0.1154.0

This is a new major release with several new features.

  • General
    • New Splash screen
    • Faster loading
    • Improved compatibility and reliability fixes
    • New Tray icon that shows current installs
  • Better Uninstaller
    • More thorough cleanup
    • Less restarts needed for uninstall/cleanup
    • More detailed progress
    • Improved cleanup category filters
    • Ability to Uninstall with Install Monitor from explorer
    • Easier access to Timeline feature which shows changes based on time
  • System Cleanup
    • Provides a simple way to cleanup leftover file/registry changes
  • Cleanup History
    • View history and restore files/registry from cleanup
  • Storage View
    • Browse file and registry changes by location
  • Backup/Restore Programs
    • Backup files/registry in a program to a file
    • Import backup file later to restore a program
  • Improved Monitoring
    • Add ability to track changes for any programs including those that don’t show up in the Program/Features list
  • Desktop Control
    • Quickly gain control of an unresponsive desktop by terminating all non-critical processes

Install Monitor 4.6.1055.1

  • Fix crash with Box software
  • Fix possible UI crash during background updates

Install Monitor 4.6.1053.0

  • Fix possible crash monitoring certain installs like IObit Uninstaller
  • Fix possible need to reboot during upgrades
  • Improve service data processing

Install Monitor 4.5.1035.0

  • Add option to reduce disk space usage
  • Options UI fixes
  • Improve service reliability
  • Improve UI startup performance
  • Fix possible crash on UI exit
  • Fix possible driver crash

Install Monitor 4.4.1022.2


  • Fix application failed to start error
  • Fix crash when using Search Items

Install Monitor 4.4.1016.0

New Features

  • New Timeline feature allows removing changes based on time
  • Improved Performance View provides more detail
  • Export the list of programs
  • Export program contents
  • View Welcome Page guides from Help menu
  • Easier to use System Restore during cleanup


  • Improved driver reliability and performance
  • Fix resizing columns for Program Contents and Program Cleanup
  • Fix Restart Monitor hang
  • High DPI improvements

Install Monitor 4.3.1004.0

New Features


  • Fix the incorrect trial status on some new installs
  • Fix program scanner display not updating

Install Monitor 4.2.991.2


Install Monitor 4.2.986.1


  • Fix uninstaller issue on Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Fix update issue during upgrades

Install Monitor 4.2.984.0

New Features

  • Automatic downloading of program updates
  • Always on top mode
  • Improve usability of cleanup confirm dialog
  • Add uninstaller option for allowing additional cleanup
  • Improve accuracy and speed of uninstaller checking for leftover items
  • Improve monitoring performance
  • Reliability improvements
  • Delete from search results
  • Persist search dialog settings
  • Improve uninstaller removing of running processes
  • Improved program compatiblity with other programs
  • Add getting started dialog
  • Improve inspect and lookup by window to handle uninstalled programs
  • Improve compatiblity with Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Improve ability to prevent restarts for full cleanup


  • Fix issue where database was saved more often than necessary
  • Improvements to uninstaller cleanup for Office 2019 and Photoshop CC
  • Fix issue where view contents or search results could freeze the UI
  • Reduce CPU usage during program scan
  • Fix rare case of 100% CPU usage on first run

Install Monitor 4.1.948.2

  • This is a bug fix release

Install Monitor 4.1.938.1

  • This is a bug fix release

Install Monitor 4.1.926.0

  • This is a feature update

Install Monitor 4.0.795.1

  • This is the major release of 4.0