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This page will be used to track Install Monitor releases.

We use the following versioning format <major>.<minor>.<build>.<hotfix>. The major number will increase on major releases. The minor number will increase on feature updates. The build will always increase and the hotfix number will increase if it’s a bug fix update.

Install Monitor 4.2.991.2


Install Monitor 4.2.986.1


  • Fix uninstaller issue on Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Fix update issue during upgrades

Install Monitor 4.2.984.0

New Features

  • Automatic downloading of program updates
  • Always on top mode
  • Improve usability of cleanup confirm dialog
  • Add uninstaller option for allowing additional cleanup
  • Improve accuracy and speed of uninstaller checking for leftover items
  • Improve monitoring performance
  • Reliability improvements
  • Delete from search results
  • Persist search dialog settings
  • Improve uninstaller removing of running processes
  • Improved program compatiblity with other programs
  • Add getting started dialog
  • Improve inspect and lookup by window to handle uninstalled programs
  • Improve compatiblity with Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Improve ability to prevent restarts for full cleanup


  • Fix issue where database was saved more often than necessary
  • Improvements to uninstaller cleanup for Office 2019 and Photoshop CC
  • Fix issue where view contents or search results could freeze the UI
  • Reduce CPU usage during program scan
  • Fix rare case of 100% CPU usage on first run

Install Monitor 4.1.948.2

  • This is a bug fix release

Install Monitor 4.1.938.1

  • This is a bug fix release

Install Monitor 4.1.926.0

  • This is a feature update

Install Monitor 4.0.795.1

  • This is the major release of 4.0