How to Use Mirekusoft Install Monitor to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

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This entry highlights some of the blog posts that can help you to get the best use out of Mirekusoft Install Monitor.

Install Monitor can help free hard disk space and remove unused programs and files. This is especially useful for solid state drives

The Program Process Viewer helps to prevent resource hogs from slowing down your computer

Want to run iTunes but don’t want to slow down your computer? Also improve performance by reducing the amount of running programs and start up faster.

Tips for avoiding malware and complete remove it if your computer does get infected.

A useful way of seeing what programs start up automatically

Some useful shortcut keys and tips

How to get rid of unwanted windows and toolbars

Not sure how you got a program? The Program Tree can help to identify it.

Minimizing restarts when removing software

What could cause you to need to reinstall Windows and how to avoid it

Wondering what makes Install Monitor different from other uninstallers? Learn about the better approach to uninstallation. The second part.

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