Mirekusoft Install Monitor Shortcut Keys

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This post is a summary of some useful shortcut keys and tips for Mirekusoft Install Monitor.

Shortcut Keys

  • PC Short Cut Tips
    Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net

    CTRL-ALT-U: Uninstall

  • CTRL-B: Open Program Tree
  • CTRL-right click in file tree: Display shell menu
  • CTRL-click + Uninstall on an installed program: Cleanup program
  • CTRL-click + Cleanup on an uninstalled program: Remove program without cleanup
  • CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE: Open Program Process Viewer
  • ALT-ENTER: Show program properties

Holding down CTRL in program process viewer pauses the display.

With the checkboxes in the contents pane you can hold shift down to select multiple items.

Tip of the Day

There is also a Tip of the Day that displays if no program is selected.

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