5 Common Computer Problems and How to Solve Them

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You’re working away at your computer when suddenly, you get an error message – or worse,
your computer shuts down. Deciphering what computer problems you may be experiencing and how to fix them can be difficult, especially if you are a basic user.

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Help me my computer is too slow

Let’s look at five solutions to some of the most common computer problems that can
you can easily fix without having to call tech support. If you find yourself asking the
following questions, then you are the person this article is addressing:

“I can’t install my applications”

If you’re having trouble with an application not installing, it may be because your computer
doesn’t have enough hard drive space. If this is the case, you need to free up some space. This is one of the computer problems that are the least problematic. You can free up some hard drive space by getting rid of files and folders you don’t need. These may be temporary files, duplicate files or data remnants from software you’ve uninstalled.

“My computer is too slow”

There are several reasons your computer might be running at slow speeds. You may have
computer problems that directly originate from your operating system or an application, your operating system might be missing updates or your computer doesn’t have enough hard drivespace. If you don’t have enough hard drive space, you can uninstall applications that you no longer need. Download Install Monitor to uninstall applications completely and free up your disk space.

“My machine keeps restarting”

First, confirm that you aren’t just getting the latest wave of Windows updates, which can
automatically restart your computer during installation. Then work on updating all of your
critical system drivers. Your graphics card, motherboard, and network card drivers are crucial.

Hardware problems can be as a result of viruses, overheating, and lack of updates.
Modern computers have safeguards that shut down the system if a component is overheating, which can be the cause of frequent restarts when you’re running resource-intensive programs or video games.

“My applications are acting strange”

Computer problems that involve applications acting strangely oftentimes leave you wondering what has happened. Your application has been working just fine, but now, seemingly without reason, it is doing something strange. For instance, your Word document will no longer show the top margin of your document. It still says it’s there, and when you print it, there’s not a problem.

You just can’t see it on your monitor. If this is happening, you may want to restart your
computer. Conducting an internet search for the type of problem you’re experiencing or
consulting your user manual may help you as well.

Hope you found these tips useful in solving the most common computer problems.
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