Fix Slow Boot Time in Windows by Disabling Startup Programs

If your PC starts up really slow, there are quite a few possible culprits. It could be the result of having too many startup programs, corrupted operating system files, outdated drivers, or even a virus. However, the most common culprit of slow boot time is too many startup programs. So in this post, we’re going … Read more

4 Ways to Improve the Speed of Your Computer

Speed of Your Computer

What do we mean when we say a computer is fast and at times slow? The first thing we would want to identify is whether the computer by virtue of specification is categorized as fast or slow— when running an operating system and installed applications. In this case we will focus on a computer running … Read more

How to Use Mirekusoft Install Monitor to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

mirekusoft uninstall

This entry highlights some of the blog posts that can help you to get the best use out of Mirekusoft Install Monitor. Install Monitor can help free hard disk space and remove unused programs and files. This is especially useful for solid state drives The Program Process Viewer helps to prevent resource hogs from slowing … Read more