Fix Slow Boot Time in Windows by Disabling Startup Programs

If your PC starts up really slow, there are quite a few possible culprits. It could be the result of having too many startup programs, corrupted operating system files, outdated drivers, or even a virus. However, the most common culprit of slow boot time is too many startup programs. So in this post, we’re going … Read more

Identify Bundled Programs with Program Tree

Many programs install another program alongside them. This is often the case when they need another program to function properly or to their fullest. Sometimes, however, it’s not a case of requirement or dependency. A program installer may come with a bundleware, which can either be good or bad. We’ve covered bundleware in our previous … Read more

Easily Identify Programs

Bundled programs, also known as bundleware, are programs that are included as an extra in an installer. Malware takes advantage of this by injecting themselves into an installer, disguising themselves as a legitimate “add-on” or “extra feature” and tricking you into installing them alongside the program you originally intended to install. However, not all bundleware … Read more

Remove Unused and Broken Programs

Pre-built PCs and laptops often come with many pre-installed software from their manufacturer, many of which you will never use. Then, over time, you’ll install a bunch of additional ones to accomplish different things, only to use them once or twice and eventually forget about them. This will slowly eat away your disk’s free space. … Read more

Prevent Windows 10 Update Automatic Reboot

Keeping Windows up-to-date is paramount in ensuring that your system is secure. Many viruses and malware exploit vulnerabilities in Windows to allow them to gain access to your system’s sensitive files and information or even gain total control over your PC. Thankfully, Microsoft does a good job of patching these vulnerabilities in a timely manner. … Read more