Identify Bundled Programs with Program Tree

Many programs install another program alongside them. This is often the case when they need another program to function properly or to their fullest. Sometimes, however, it’s not a case of requirement or dependency. A program installer may come with a bundleware, which can either be good or bad. We’ve covered bundleware in our previous … Read more

Easily Identify Programs

Bundled programs, also known as bundleware, are programs that are included as an extra in an installer. Malware takes advantage of this by injecting themselves into an installer, disguising themselves as a legitimate “add-on” or “extra feature” and tricking you into installing them alongside the program you originally intended to install. However, not all bundleware … Read more

How to Identify Unknown Programs with the Program Tree

mirekusoft Program Tree

Program Tree is one of the new features provided by Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0. It displays installed programs grouped by other programs they were installed with. What Benefit Will I Get From It? This can be useful in: Finding out how a program was installed on your computer Seeing if programs are related What is a … Read more