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Powerful application management and removal for Windows that helps improve system performance.

As a very simple test, I monitored an install of the latest Burnaware free disk burning software using both Install monitor and Advanced Uninstaller Pro 11. It was quite interesting to note that they both found 61 entries available for removal. But the massive difference was that Advanced Uninstaller Pro took around 80 seconds to create it?s before and after snapshots and to process the log file. Install Monitor was instant because it monitored the install in real time.

Programs like Revo Uninstaller or Geek Uninstaller have been designed to scan the system for leftovers after program uninstallations. While they are usually very effective in this regard, they are not the non plus ultra when it comes to these kind of operations.

Install Monitor may be even more thorough as it monitors the installation of a program to keep a record of every single file and Registry entry that gets created or modified by the application. Combine that with options to scan for and clean-up leftovers, and you have got a program that after all may be better suited for removing programs from the system.

You must have noticed that while installing programs on your Windows, many associated files of the programs also installed on your system. Mirekusoft Install Monitor is a free uninstaller software, that solves this problem. It allows you to see the impact installing an application has made, and fully remove it when you decide to uninstall it.

If you would like to have an easy to use tool that could help you to completely uninstall any of your programs (including the registry files that they create), then you should definitely try Mirekusoft Install Monitor. This reliable application is a very efficient way of expanding the life span of your Windows operating system.


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