How to Effectively Deal with Software Bloat

It seems a common trend is for many software applications to be bloated. What is software bloat? It generally means software with an increasing number of features that uses more system resources than necessary. Another name for this kind of software is bloatware. Software Bloat Example – Application Foo Let me give an example. There … Read more How to Effectively Deal with Software Bloat

The problem of software rot

The idea of software rotting might seem weird but it is an actual concept. The main way this happens is from installing too many programs over time. This might be done by installing free, trial, or beta software. Another source of installs are program updates. Even if you do not install many programs, most programs … Read more The problem of software rot

Welcome to the blog

This blog will provide news and information about our products. It will also discuss decisions behind different engineering decisions. Currently our solutions mainly target the Microsoft Windows platform. As mentioned on the About page the goal or our products is to be lightweight, efficient, reliable, and easy to use software. Additionally, the software should enhance … Read more Welcome to the blog