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Did you find something in Install Monitor that doesn’t work they way you would expect it to? Or is there some functionality that would be really useful but is missing? Did you know you can easily submit feedback from Mirekusoft Install Monitor? Just go to the Help|Submit Feedback. The feedback will be used to help … Read more

What are people saying about Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0?

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Since its release date on January 2013, Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 has helped many professionals improve their PC performance. It gave them greater control and monitoring over the software they install, especially with the inclusion of these new features: Startup Monitor Program Tree Program Process Viewer Program Scanner Do you want to see what other … Read more

Will Computers Soon Function like a Human Brain?

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Computers have greatly changed people’s lives. It has made it simpler, easier and more convenient. Nevertheless, there is still much limit to what it can do. The Limitation of Today’s Computers As stated by John Wagner, “Today’s computers are wonderful at bookkeeping and solving scientific problems often described by partial differential equations, but they’re horrible … Read more

5 Full Version Premium License Keys to Giveaway | Send Your Entry, Today

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We are giving away not 1 but 5 Full Version Premium License Keys of Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2. Follow the mechanics listed below and submit your entry, today. Visit Complete the information as shown in this form: Click enter. Share the page to your friends for them to have an opportunity to have a … Read more

10 Ways to Speed up Your Internet Browser

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Ever wondered why your internet browser still remains annoyingly slow despite faster speed promises by your internet service provider? Well, chances are the problem is more within your browser itself than with the ISP Company. Changing your computer browser settings, wireless hardware or upgrading your old PC can all help boost browser speed performance. Here … Read more