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Top 5 Things that Annoy Computer Users

Computers have greatly influenced the lives of modern man. It has made it easier and convenient to:

  • Search for information
  • Prepare and develop documents
  • Compute and calculate measurements and estimations

Sadly, it still has some glitches that cause some of us to scream in frustration and annoyance. Here is a list of what is our friends in the Google community have to say:

Very slow computer

 “Slow…slow…slow. I have to get away from the computer sometimes because the aggravation of its slowness drives me beyond my ability to stay on it.”

– Michael Bell from the Blogging Tips community

slow PC

A very very slow computer

This is probably one of worst things one would want to experience with their PC.  Just imagine yourself sitting for almost an hour just to wait for your system to start. That would be unforgivable, especially if you are trying to beat a deadline.

Missing drivers

Data Application Scanning

How effective is scanning?
Image take from thanunkorn at freedigitalphotos.net

You are excited to listen to the latest album of your Jennifer Lopez on your laptop. You slide it inside and you soon discover you don’t have a driver installed for it to work.  OMG!

Yep! You are not alone. It is most definitely annoying, especially if you soon realize that you don’t have the CD that contain these drivers or worst, you may have these CDs but is already outdated.

Windows 8

Bloatware in Windows 8

Do you know that bloatware is present in Windows 8?

Amidst the fact that this is the latest version developed by Windows, many are dissatisfied with its output. Or is this truly the case?

Rich Talcik gives his insight about this,

People get annoyed by windows 8 because they don’t like change and they don’t know how to use it. Just adapt and overcome the situation.”

True! Most men hate change and this may be what most of us have experienced when using Windows 8. However, for those who don’t have the patience to discover Windows 8’s user –friendliness, there is always Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 to help you.

Annoying Pop-Ups

You are in the midst of finalizing your report and a pop-up ad appears on your browser. It is incredibly colorful and forces you to click on it leading you to a website offering you various products and services.


Advertising is a successful and you lost! You’ve lost your concentration and is now using time to decide which among their offers  you will purchase.

Okay, it might not be super annoying. But for someone who is keen in adhering to strict schedule, pop-ups are disturbing.

Remembering Your Password

If you are like many computer users that have various passwords set for their accounts, then remembering your password would be a challenge. Of course, you can always store in an excel sheet, yet many still forgets to do so.

As a result, you get stuck for a couple of minutes in a single page trying to recall your password. It’s a good thing you can always choose the ‘Forgot Password’ option. Nevertheless, it will eat up your valuable time.

Do you have other annoying experiences with your PC? You are most welcome to share it with us, so we can add it to our list.



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Cyber Alert! Samsung and Windows 8 Loaded with Bloatware

You must be extremely happy to receive your new Samsung S3, S4, S5 and Windows 8 PC, laptop, tablet or computer. You should! After all, these are excellent mobile gadgets and devices. However, do you know these are loaded with bloatware?

What is a bloatware?

Bloatware is a slang term for numerous programs that are pre-installed on new PCs. It refers to software that has unnecessary features that use large amounts of memory and RAM.”

Samsung and Bloatware Issues

Samsung S5 still suffers from bloatware

Is there also bloatware in Samsung S5?

In one of the articles published by Combofix, it was highlighted that Samsung Galaxy S4 users have raised a number of complaints about the performance of their devices, and this can be traced back to bloatware issues. Although the S4 is advertised as having 16GB of internal memory, around 7GB of this is taken up by pre-installed apps and software.

As a result these unwanted apps have:

  • Slowed down Samsung Android’s performance causing it to freeze and suffer from crash problems
  • Battery life is reduced due to these bloatware constantly running in the background of their device.

Is it wise to pay $99 just to get rid of bloatware?

Bloatware in Windows 8

Do you know that bloatware is present in Windows 8?

In response to the bloatware problem, Microsoft offers $99 for a CD clean-up disc that would perform a clean reinstall to your PC.

This is very ironic!

Why should you pay $99 for something that you haven’t requested to be installed to your computer in the first place?

Mirekusoft Install Monitor – the Better Alternative

Mirekusoft Install Monitor to Uninstall Programs

Uninstall programs efficiently with Mirekusoft Install Monitor

Rather than purchasing the $99 CD offered by Microsoft, it is better to purchase a cost effective program remover – Mirekusoft. For only $11.99 for Standard License and $24.99 for Premium License, you get not only an uninstall software that helps you get rid of these bloatware, but it also provides you with:

  • Startup Monitor
  • Program Tree
  • Program Process Viewer
  • Program Scanner

This is equivalent to as much as $87 savings. Learn more about Mirekusoft by visiting our Products Page.

Visit the Windows App Store to download Mirekusoft or go to our Download Page. Free 30 day trial now period available.


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