Mirekusoft Install Monitor

New version

A new version of Mirekusoft Install Monitor is available on the download page. This is a maintenance release that fixes some bugs and improves compatibility with other programs. Please upgrade if you have an older version. Any issues can be addressed though the forums and email.

Avoiding reinstalling

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Windows 8 will contain a new feature that allows you to refresh your computer. Known as “Refresh your PC”, it will keep all personal data, Metro style apps, and important settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows. So in other words it makes reinstalling easier. In a way it’s a tacit admission that sometimes Windows … Read more

Application Bundles on Windows

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If you have ever looked at the Contents tab in Install Monitor you will realize that applications do not install to just one place. Usually there are several different registry and file locations used. The registry tends to get hit the hardest and in general becomes a virtual junkyard for any software you have ever … Read more

Application management and why it’s not just an uninstaller

You might have noticed the subtitle for this site is “application management software.” So what is application management? This blog post will discuss that and how it relates to how Install Monitor works. What is application management? Application management essentially is the ability to completely manage your installed programs. Generally on Windows when you install … Read more