Mirekusoft Install Monitor Helps Completely Remove Malware

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However despite all the preventative steps you take your anti-malware solution may notify you that there is some malware that it detected. While many malware solutions can detect malware they are actually bad at completely removing all traces of the malware. This is like how cancer can be detected but it is harder to remove … Read more

Startup Program|A Unique Feature of Mirekusoft Install Monitor

mirekusoft startup monitor

One of the unique features of Mirekusoft Install Monitor is the ability to show startup items by installed program. Startup items are generally executable programs that are configured to run during system startup or login or browser startup. There are several different startup locations that are used by Windows like the startup folder and Run … Read more

Creating Smarter Software|The New Dialog Box

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One of the most frustrating things for computer users can be when the software asks them the answer to the question they do not know the answer to. Users simply want to accomplish their task in the most efficient manner possible. As a result most users get in the habit of dismissing dialogs or choosing … Read more

Mirekusoft Install Monitor Shortcut Keys

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This post is a summary of some useful shortcut keys and tips for Mirekusoft Install Monitor. Shortcut Keys CTRL-ALT-U: Uninstall CTRL-B: Open Program Tree CTRL-right click in file tree: Display shell menu CTRL-click + Uninstall on an installed program: Cleanup program CTRL-click + Cleanup on an uninstalled program: Remove program without cleanup CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE: Open Program … Read more