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Top 5 Personalities that Annoy System Administrators

In a world where the use of computer has become man’s basic needs, system administrators can now be referred to as “online surgeons of multi-user computers.” They are reliable professionals that:

  • Determine what the organization needs in a network and computer system before it is set up
  • Install all network hardware and software and make needed upgrades and repairs
  • Maintain network and computer system security and ensure that all systems are operating correctly
  • Collect data in order to evaluate the network’s or system’s performance and help make the system work better and faster
  • Add users to a network and assign and update security permissions on the network
  • Train users on the proper use of hardware and software
  • Solve problems when a user or an automated monitoring system informs them that a problem exists

These men and women are responsible for the upkeep and configuration of reliable computer system operations. However, there are some things that could easily inflame the heads of our friendly system administrators. Can you guess what these are?

Mr. Know It All

Mr. Know It All

Mr. Know It All

There is a reason why systems administrators are hired by a company, institution or organization. They are knowledgeable with computer maintenance. So how would you feel if someone starts telling you how a network has to be fixed?

Mr. I Did It Already

Are you for real?

I’ve been there, done that!

Someone sends a ticket to request for assistance. You gladly check his system and recommends he perform a set of instruction.

“Kindly put in the recovery CD, restart, and scan your memory.” –Systems administrator

“I’ve already done that.” – User

Okay. If you have indeed performed the instruction, then it should be working already. Haist! Sometimes it is just unbearable to work with users who are too stubborn to follow instructions.

Mr. Fix My Equipment Please

That's not my job, kiddo!

Sorry, but that’s not what I do.

System administrators are very proficient with computers, but their job doesn’t require having to fix printers, photocopiers and other office machines.  These professionals are hired to fix network troubles. So, next time your printer suddenly stops working, it’s best to bring it over to a technician. Don’t immediately send a ticket to them.

Mr. Oops, Sorry but I Forgot         

Once is enough, twice is too much and thrice is absolutely irritating!

Mr. Forgetful

Mr. Forgetful

There is a reason why protocols are sent via email and is re-iterated during company meetings. People should pay attention to these rules; otherwise, you’ll be encountering the same problem all the time.

There are other annoying persons that could easily cause grief to systems administrators. Kindly share your comments so we can add it to our list. However, to help rid you of some of your frustrations we have created Mirekusoft Install Monitor. Learn more about it by visiting our products page.


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Top 5 Things Computer Did to Change the World

There is no doubt about it. Computers have changed the world and is still continually changing the world we live in. But, what are the major impact it did to revolutionize the life of mankind?

The Amazing Brain

Until now, the brain is still the most amazing machine in the world. It remains unbeatable with its capacity to store thousands of terabytes of storage. This allows it to download, process and react to the flood of information it receives from all your five senses faster than any supercomputer can perform.

Or is this still a fact?

Amidst this and alleged controversies surrounding inventions of ‘supercomputers’ that says to have completely mimicked the brain processes, we have to acknowledge the fact that computers have done an incredible feat. They have changed the lives of mankind and these are just some of its contributions to society.

Revolutionized the Office Environment

your PC storage solution

Storage made easy with computers

Prior to the advancement of computers, business requires a massive space just to store their files. Today, you don’t even need an office space. All you’ll need is a laptop and it will have a massive digital storage space for your files. If you need more space, simply upgrade your memory or better yet purchase an external hard disk to store old files.

Instantly Connecting People Around the Globe

In the past, documents have to be sent via courier before important paper works can be signed. This meant having to wait for several days before contracts can be closed, cases reviewed and medical records studies. Thanks to the invention of the computer and its cousin – the worldwide web, mails can be received within seconds.

snail mail vs email

Snail mail vs email
Image Source:

Actually, communication has become so efficient that working from home has become the new office trend.

Cost Efficient and Speedier Processing Time

Dropbox, Evernote Google docs and more web apps

Dropbox, Evernote, Google docs and more web apps

The development of apps such as Googledocs, Dropbox, and Evernote allowed more people to be more efficient and productive. With these handy apps easily installed to your PC, you can reduce processing time and send in your deliverable on time.

Safety in the Workplace

Monotonous and repetitive jobs can now be done by computers and although this has sparked debate amongst various communities, its positive effect in business exceeds the negative impact.

Dangerous tasks are now placed under the hands of controlled automatons which lessens the probability of accidents in the work place.

Speedier Research Time

Even without going to the library, students and researchers can easily find information online. Internet connectivity has made it possible for people to search and buy items online. Thus, purchasing items can be done even with the click of the mouse.

online shopping

Shopping made easy thanks to the internet and the computer

These advancements are considered by many as great achievements. However, the ethical implications that goes with it remains a hot topic in many debates and discussion groups.

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Slower PC while FB gaming? Here’s the solution!

Is your PC slowing down while playing a Facebook (FB) game? Or does the mere use opening of this application on your PC slows down your computer? You are not alone! These people have experienced the same problems. Check out what they did to help remedy it.

FB gaming slows PC

Emergency! FB games is slowing down my pc.

Anonymous FB user one

I have noticed that each time my wife uses our computer at home, it slows down.  Before I thought  it might be because our computer is old. I bought a new one and as usual, I used it for several weeks. She had her hands on it and checked friends in Facebook and now I have the same slow PC problem. What should I do?


Shoot! Your computer might have been infected by a spyware, malware or worst a virus. Conduct a virus scan of your PC, immediately.

The Mirekusoft Preventive Solution

After downloading an FB application and installing it in your computer, make sure you check it using Mirekusoft. There are some hidden programs sneakily added to your computer which uses extra space on your PC. Get rid of it and see the difference it will bring to your PC experience.

In addition, be extra mindful of those using your computer.

Anonymous Facebook User 2

I have a new computer running a 2 Ghz processor and 4 GB RAM and 384 MB VRAM. It’s funny, because each time a play a Facebook game it just slows down my PC.


FB games run using a browser and without good connectivity, you’ll most definitely experience a slow computer. With this in mind, you might wish to check your connectivity because your internet connection may not be efficient.

Mirekusoft Solution

Learn more about the program you have installed using Mirekusoft Install Monitor’s Program Tree feature . (link to ) You might be unaware, but installing a program to your computer often comes with unwanted bundled program. Without an application management software, it would be difficult for you to see and uninstall these programs.

How Does the Program Tree Fix Bundleware?

Later on, the user realizes they have something installed they did not want. It may not be obvious how the software was originally installed. With the Program Tree, Install Monitor is able to group together programs based on how these were installed. For instance many large programs include several support programs. With the Program Tree it is easier to see this relationship and remove all programs when uninstalling. The keyboard shortcut for the program tree is Ctrl-B.


It is upon your whole discretion if you want to play and download FB games. However, it is always wise to check the apps you download before installing it to your computer. Purchasing an application management software will help you remain on top of all these things. In any case, you can purchase a separate computer for gaming purposes so as not to disrupt your work obligations, too. J

Do you have your own recommendations on how to solve a slow PC while playing a game in Facebook? Share it in the comment box below.

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Contest Giveaway Sponsored by Mirekusoft – Just a day to register, so hurry!

It was just a few months back when we sponsored a giveaway contest. This month we are doing another contest giveaway, this time with Tip Radar .

contest giveaway

Only a day left. Read, comment and possibly win a Mirekusoft Install Monitor License, today.

How do I join?

It’s fairly simple. Follow these steps and you may soon be the next winner of a Mirekusoft Install Monitor License.

  1. Create an account with Tip Radar.
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  3. Visit the forum giveaway created for Mirekusoft by clicking this link below:

  1. Leave a comment in the forum thread.
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  3. Reply back and provide your email address for the prize to be delivered.

Best of luck to all who’ll join!

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The glorious 60’s and the world after the trip to the moon and back

July 20 marked the 45th year of NASA’s alleged successful land on the moon. Many controversy have circulated about this journey to the moon and back, but we are not writing this article to dwell on those topics. Rather, we will take you down to memory lane and show you a world prior to tablets, android phones and Google glasses.

The 60’s as a leap in technological capabilities


You might not know it, but the ‘very first computer’ called ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator) was developed between the years 1943 and 1945. Soon after, it replaced the role of women who were employed to calculate firing tables. Within a few years, universities and governments were funding the development of computers. Thus by the end of 1950’s, quite a handful of influential people already had access to it – the rise of IBM.

The birth of modern electronics

A significant invention during this decade is that of the transistor. With it, more efficient computers and processing devices became a reality and as you are guessing the invention of the ‘microchip.’ All of these was made possible because of the diligence and dedication of NASA.

The combined resources of NASA and the futuristic thinking of IBM led 3500 employees working hard to install 360 mainframe computers at the Goddard Space Flight Center. This was powerful enough to launch a rocket into space and land three men to the moon.

The Catch: Your iPhone is more powerful than the computational power built by IBM in the 60’s

The powerful 5s

Unbelievable but true

You may not believe it, but this is a fact. Technology has evolves so quickly that:

  • The A7 chip used for your iPhone 5s is far powerful than the 1960’s microchip
  • The quad core computer you use at home is 10,000 times faster than the computer used by the astronauts of Apollo
  • The M7 processor for your iPhone is 150 times more powerful than that created by IBM back then

Words of Wisdom

be virtuous always

Your iPhone may slow down while it loads Facebook or while listening to iTunes. Be patient and always remember that those astronauts who managed to reach the moon and back relied with a computer with lesser capacity than yours. You can do far greater than things than them if only you’ll be patient.

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