Top 5 Personalities that Annoy System Administrators

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In a world where the use of computer has become man’s basic needs, system administrators can now be referred to as “online surgeons of multi-user computers.” They are reliable professionals that:

  • Determine what the organization needs in a network and computer system before it is set up
  • Install all network hardware and software and make needed upgrades and repairs
  • Maintain network and computer system security and ensure that all systems are operating correctly
  • Collect data in order to evaluate the network’s or system’s performance and help make the system work better and faster
  • Add users to a network and assign and update security permissions on the network
  • Train users on the proper use of hardware and software
  • Solve problems when a user or an automated monitoring system informs them that a problem exists

These men and women are responsible for the upkeep and configuration of reliable computer system operations. However, there are some things that could easily inflame the heads of our friendly system administrators. Can you guess what these are?

Mr. Know It All

Mr. Know It All
Mr. Know It All

There is a reason why systems administrators are hired by a company, institution or organization. They are knowledgeable with computer maintenance. So how would you feel if someone starts telling you how a network has to be fixed?

Mr. I Did It Already

Are you for real?
I’ve been there, done that!

Someone sends a ticket to request for assistance. You gladly check his system and recommends he perform a set of instruction.

“Kindly put in the recovery CD, restart, and scan your memory.” –Systems administrator

“I’ve already done that.” – User

Okay. If you have indeed performed the instruction, then it should be working already. Haist! Sometimes it is just unbearable to work with users who are too stubborn to follow instructions.

Mr. Fix My Equipment Please

That's not my job, kiddo!
Sorry, but that’s not what I do.

System administrators are very proficient with computers, but their job doesn’t require having to fix printers, photocopiers and other office machines.  These professionals are hired to fix network troubles. So, next time your printer suddenly stops working, it’s best to bring it over to a technician. Don’t immediately send a ticket to them.

Mr. Oops, Sorry but I Forgot         

Once is enough, twice is too much and thrice is absolutely irritating!

Mr. Forgetful
Mr. Forgetful

There is a reason why protocols are sent via email and is re-iterated during company meetings. People should pay attention to these rules; otherwise, you’ll be encountering the same problem all the time.

There are other annoying persons that could easily cause grief to systems administrators. Kindly share your comments so we can add it to our list. However, to help rid you of some of your frustrations we have created Mirekusoft Install Monitor. Learn more about it by visiting our products page.