Introducing Install Monitor 4’s Re-designed UI

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When Mirekusoft Install Monitor 4 was released, we said that we would go into more details about what’s new. This new version focuses on making Install Monitor’s powerful features easier to use along with many compatibility, performance, and stability improvements. Install Monitor is designed to help you take control of your PC for the best reliability and performance. In a series of blog posts, we will show how the new features make it easier to this. In this post we will show how Install Monitor’s powerful and unique features are now more accessible and easier to use than before through the user interface improvements. In addition to that, you might even discover features and tools that you never knew existed in Install Monitor.


Why Change the User Interface?

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3 Old Screenshot

Figure 1 The old UI with toolbars, menus, and tabs

The old UI with toolbars, menus, and tabs[/caption] Before we begin the tour, let’s take a brief look at the difference between the previous versions of Install Monitor and the new Install Monitor 4 in terms of development. Earlier versions were mostly focused on developing new tools and features that are necessary to keep your PC running at its peak performance. In other words, earlier versions were more focused on developing and improving the core of Install Monitor. While we’ve succeeded in that mission, there was certainly room for improvement in usability and ease of use. Like a cluttered toolbox can make it hard to be productive find the right tool, the way tools and features were arranged was not optimal. As a result, it was harder to realize the full power of Install Monitor to improve your PC performance. Let’s see how this problem is solved with the new UI.


Benefits of the New User Interface

On Install Monitor 4, we’ve changed the UI to utilize a tabbed interface for easier navigation and intuitiveness, making it easier for you to find the tools you need just by looking at the tab menu icons. Furthermore, it’s now better optimized for high DPI displays. Below is the new user interface:

Install Monitor 4 Revamped UI

Figure 2 The simpler and more intuitive new UI

The tabbed interface is more intuitive and provides easy access to Install Monitor’s features. Let’s look at each tab.


Back in IM3 and earlier versions, the main window’s home is the program list. We’ve changed it so that the Home tab is the first thing you’ll see every time you start Install Monitor. In the Home tab, you can view the status of the program along with anything that requires your immediate attention. Things such as if IM needs to scan your computer for programs or if there’s a problem in monitoring will be the first thing IM will show to you. Moreover, the main window’s color will change color to make it easy to see program status. It will change to red if there’s something important that requires your attention such as core component is not working properly or to yellowish-orange for warnings, and green if everything is fine.


The Programs tab is the second item in the tabbed menu and displays the program list from earlier versions. It now displays more information about a program just by selecting it on the list, as seen below. You’ll be able to see the number of files and registry items related to it, displayed at the bottom of the window.

Instlal Monitor 4 Program Tab Screenshot

Figure 3 The Programs tab in IM4

You can view the contents of a program by right-clicking it and selecting Show Content. You’ll see all the files and registry entries related to the currently selected program. This was previously the Contents pane.

Other Tabs

Aside from the Home and Programs tab, there are also other tabs that contain powerful tools that can help you.


The Performance tab is where you can view Install Monitor’s own special task manager, which was previously called the Program Process Viewer. Unlike previous versions where it pops out of the main window, the performance tool is now integrated into the main window. With just one click, you can now view what programs are using the most resources and terminate them if necessary.


tab is where you can see the list of programs which were set to automatically start when your computer boots up. You can enable or disable certain startup items much easier than before. In addition, you now can view details on startup items.


The Tools tab is where you can find additional tools that Install Monitor has to offer. These tools allow you to dig deeper into changes on your PC so you can keep it fast and optimized. They provide more information about how a software program got installed. Let’s briefly check what some of these tools can do:

  • Find Programs by Window is useful in identifying rogues window or toolbar so you can get more information or remove them.
  • Search Items helps you find the location of a certain file or registry item and which program they belong to.
  • Program Tree is an invaluable tool that helps you find which programs were installed together with one another. This is very useful for finding bundleware.
  • File History display all files, folders, and registry in a chronological tree. You can think of it as a historical Process Monitor. This is useful in completely removing malware.


The Options tab is where you can configure Install Monitor’s settings such as how the list of programs is displayed. These are mostly the same as before but there are some new options as well. You can exclude certain programs from being monitored.

Get Better Ease of Use, Faster Speed and Rock-Solid Stability

Install Monitor 4’s focus is to make everything easier for you, to make things faster, and to give you a better and smoother experience. If you want a brief glance of all the new changes in Install Monitor 4.0, you can check out this blog post. By updating to Install Monitor 4, you’ll gain access to the much cleaner and more intuitive interface of the most advanced tool for maintaining your PC. As this is a new major version of Install Monitor, you will need to purchase a new license to be able to upgrade from IM3 or older. It’s also a one-way upgrade. Try Install Monitor 4 free for 30 days. Discover how its powerful advanced features not found in other software uninstallers help you take control of your PC! The most useful feature of Install Monitor is the ability to get 100% cleanup when uninstalling software. Stay tuned for the next post where we talk about how we improved the uninstaller. What do you think about the new UI? Please let us know in the comment section below along with any additional questions or comments!

See you on the next post!