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Do you feel like you’re in control of your computer?

A recent user poll suggested that most users want to be able to completely remove all traces of a program. That was the most important thing to me when I created Install Monitor. It was frustrating to see that most uninstallers failed to remove all traces, sometimes even crashing or aborting during uninstall.

The inability to cleanly uninstall created reliablity issues when installing other programs or later versions of the same program. Also, performance got worse as more leftover junk got left behind.

Accumulated junk files was just one issue. Another issue was not being able to tell what changes a program made to my system. What extra processes were running or slowing down the startup of my computer? How could I identify what programs to remove to increase disk space or speed things up? 

As a software developer, lack of control was frustrating. I develop software to do what I wanted but when I installed/uninstalled software on my computer, I was totally powerless.

I knew registry cleaners, uninstallers, and system optimizers attempted to address some of these maintenance problems. However, those solutions only partially addressed the problem. What was needed was a simpler but more powerful approach.

I discovered that the best approach was to intelligently track changes to a system when a program was installed. This would give me the ability to completely remove all traces.

I developed this capabality into Mirekusoft Install Monitor as the first step in taking control of my system. This enabled me to improve the reliability, performance and manageability of my computer.

In addition to providing complete cleanup, Install Monitor has added more unique features that put you in control with additional ways to improve performanceincrease disk space, and providing more data about your applications.

How do you start taking control of your PC? Stay tuned for details on how you can take control.

What issues have you run into trying to maintain the performance/reliability of you system?

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3 thoughts on “Take control of your PC”

  1. I loved the program.
    Then I updated to W10 and the problems started.
    Yet, I wasn’t able to find/get support for these problems.
    As such, I uninstalled the program.
    I have just checked the downloads page, and I find that W10 still isn’t supported.

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