How to prepare your computer for the holiday season

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September has arrived and before you know it, it’s the holiday season. How prepared are you ¬†and your computer for this big event?

Most common PC problems experienced during the holiday season

holiday PC problem fixes and recommendations
holiday PC problem fixes and recommendations

For some reason, the holiday season makes our computers ran a little bit slower and a bit weird. Avoid having to deal with this during the height of the celebration by following these recommendations.

Insufficient Memory

Check your memory and see if it has sufficient space. Discard unnecessary files; otherwise purchase additional memory to ensure it will work efficiently this holiday season.

Transferring important files to new computers

At times, it is just inevitable for us to purchase a new computer. However, transferring your files to your new PC could be a very time intensive process.

An easy way for this is to transfer it using USB based flash drives. You just have to ensure that it is free from any virus. But for bigger data files strictly for archiving, then purchasing an external hard drive to save it there may be more practical.

Upgrading your graphics

For many, the holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Watch and share family videos
  • play video games with kids
  • Edit Youtube videos for everyone to see

It would be a disappointment if you will not be able to enjoy these because you failed to upgrade your video graphics.

Preparing your needed cables

It might have been months since you last used your printer, cameras and digital audio players. Sadly, you may have misplaced its necessary cables. Do check it out and remember where you’ve placed these cables, otherwise you may need to purchase a new one to be able to use it this holiday.