Top 5 Things Computer Did to Change the World

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There is no doubt about it. Computers have changed the world and is still continually changing the world we live in. But, what are the major impact it did to revolutionize the life of mankind?

The Amazing Brain

Until now, the brain is still the most amazing machine in the world. It remains unbeatable with its capacity to store thousands of terabytes of storage. This allows it to download, process and react to the flood of information it receives from all your five senses faster than any supercomputer can perform.

Or is this still a fact?

Amidst this and alleged controversies surrounding inventions of ‘supercomputers’ that says to have completely mimicked the brain processes, we have to acknowledge the fact that computers have done an incredible feat. They have changed the lives of mankind and these are just some of its contributions to society.

Revolutionized the Office Environment

your PC storage solution
Storage made easy with computers

Prior to the advancement of computers, business requires a massive space just to store their files. Today, you don’t even need an office space. All you’ll need is a laptop and it will have a massive digital storage space for your files. If you need more space, simply upgrade your memory or better yet purchase an external hard disk to store old files.

Instantly Connecting People Around the Globe

In the past, documents have to be sent via courier before important paper works can be signed. This meant having to wait for several days before contracts can be closed, cases reviewed and medical records studies. Thanks to the invention of the computer and its cousin – the worldwide web, mails can be received within seconds.

snail mail vs email
Snail mail vs email
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Actually, communication has become so efficient that working from home has become the new office trend.

Cost Efficient and Speedier Processing Time

Dropbox, Evernote Google docs and more web apps
Dropbox, Evernote, Google docs and more web apps

The development of apps such as Googledocs, Dropbox, and Evernote allowed more people to be more efficient and productive. With these handy apps easily installed to your PC, you can reduce processing time and send in your deliverable on time.

Safety in the Workplace

Monotonous and repetitive jobs can now be done by computers and although this has sparked debate amongst various communities, its positive effect in business exceeds the negative impact.

Dangerous tasks are now placed under the hands of controlled automatons which lessens the probability of accidents in the work place.

Speedier Research Time

Even without going to the library, students and researchers can easily find information online. Internet connectivity has made it possible for people to search and buy items online. Thus, purchasing items can be done even with the click of the mouse.

online shopping
Shopping made easy thanks to the internet and the computer

These advancements are considered by many as great achievements. However, the ethical implications that goes with it remains a hot topic in many debates and discussion groups.