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2015 Must-have IT Skills List

2014 is coming to a close and very soon we will be meeting year 2015. Are you prepared for the challenges it has to offer? Read these must-have IT skills list and try your best to gain if not master one of these.

Be professional with these IT skills list

Database Administration

With big data trending this 2014, expect it’s continues rise in the year 2014. How beneficial will it be to aspiring IT specialist to focus in becoming an expert in this field?

What you’ll be doing?

You can choose to master any of the following database administration roles:

  • Database security
  • Database tuning
  • Backup and recovery
  • Producing reports from queries

Given these, you will most definitely require several years of training and experience.  However, this is one of the most promising careers in the years to come.

Business intelligence analytics

Do you love numbers and logic? Then this could be a field for you to master. It includes servicing companies with:

  • Data warehousing
  • Enterprise information
  • Enterprise performance management
  • Analytic applications
  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Compliance

Sounds like a broad task? It truly is, but it is also one of the most interesting IT skills in our list. It doesn’t only entail a good sense of IT knowledge and skills, but also requires good interpersonal and speaking ability.

Very few professionals can gain these skills. However, those who do are enjoying the fruits of their.

Mobile applications and device management

Mashable reports that they expect over 5 billion people to use mobile phones by the year 2017. This is not a very bold prediction especially with low cost phones manufactured in China and India. What does this mean for professionals in the IT industry?

It means more opportunities for mobile developers to stand-out from the crowd.  Very few people have acquired this skill, which makes it third of the most difficult skill to find in the world. So just imagine what your worth will be if you include this in your resume?

Project management

You may not have a set of expert IT skills list, but you have the unique talent of managing people with their skills and time. Then you have more chances in becoming a project manager for IT companies.

This is an equally important element for a successful project because meeting deadlines is hard to accomplish with no one leading.  However, you need to know a bit about marketing and business key performance indicators to properly prioritize the needs of the project.

Help desk and technical support specialist

Do you have good communication skills but find it difficult to execute things you’ve learned in school? Are you more on the theoretical side? Then landing a job as a help desk and technical support specialist may be your calling?

With many companies introducing and marketing new web services and mobile applications, it is vital for them to have increased demand for help desk and technical support specialist. You may be the star player they are looking for.

Brush up your communication skills and start updating your IT skills list on your resume. Otherwise, read this infographic and upgrade your skills, today.

Top 10 skills every successful professional should have

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What software can you not live without?

I was browsing Ask Slashdot and stumbled upon this question:

“Whenever I install a fresh operating system on my computer, I immediately grab a handful of programs that I simply must have. After that, I generally wait and install other pieces of software as I need them.

“It can be time-consuming and risky to install and evaluate every single option. So, I’m curious: what pieces of software do you find the most useful and reliable?”

What software should be installed on a fresh computer?

What software can you not live without?

What software can you not live without?

This is my take on the topic. I find it easier to avoid reinstalling the computer in the future through Install Monitor. It is a great choice as it helps me deal with instability caused by bad software installers/uninstallers. It also helps to make sure I can maintain the system’s performance. In fact Install Monitor works best when you install it on a clean system. It will help to maintain your system’s reliability and performance.

So what software should be installed on a fresh computer? It is undoubtedly Mirekusoft Install Monitor.


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Computer quotes to inspire and remember

Quotes inspire and give you motivation. It helps you see life in a different perspective and embrace the challenges it has given you.  It is freely shared and gladly accepted by those looking for inspiration.

Today, we share you some amazing computer quotes said by great minds in the industry. It is for you to indulge, keep and hopefully treasure.

#1 Computer Quote

This  is my favorite quote ( a personal preference, of course 🙂 ) It is absolutely true for me, who loves computer and internet so much.

I love my computer because my friends live in it

Computer quote to love – Top 1

#2 Computer Quote

Who doesn’t love Google? It is one of the best friends any computer enthusiast have, next to Siri or Cortana (whichever you prefer).

Somethings man was never meant to know. For everything else there is Google

Computer quote favorite top 2

#3 Computer Quote

Although I am not a romantic by heart, this is simply sweet. Computer screens have helped distant lovers close to one another. It has kept families neatly tied. Who knows, I may find my special someone online, too! Okay, so I must be going overboard.

Even though we're miles apart, a computer screen connects our hearts.

Sweet computer quote – Top 3

#4 Computer Quote

If you are into computer language design, web development, programming and search engine optimization then you’ll say, YES. This is a fact!

It also tells my age, as I can still recall the first time I watched Jurassic Park in the big screen. It was huge!

Anyway, there's plenty of room for doubt. It might seem easy enough, but computer language design is just like a stroll in the park. Jurassic Park that, is.

Computer quote goes adventure fun – Top 4

#5 Computer Quote

I am not a beer drinker, probably the reason why I love this. However most of all I value silence and secrecy.



I wanted this to be a list of Top-10 likes. I am hoping you could contribute some computer quotes you liked and got you inspired, too.

Use the comment box below to share yours.


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Make it easier to uninstall programs with Mirekusoft Install Monitor

You may have loved Picassa, Ask Toolbar and TeamViewer in the past. But there comes a time when you need to install more applications and get rid of old ones due to their:

  • Limited functionality
  • End of popularity
  • New apps to install
  • Full of glitches
  • Annoying notifications

How do you uninstall these applications? Are you sure you’ve completely gotten rid of all the software bundles that goes with it?

Mirekusoft Install Monitor comes to the rescue!

Mirekusoft website cover

Learn more about Mirekusoft Install Monitor. Visit us, today.

Hurray! Mirekusoft Install Monitor has fixed that problem for you. described it as an uninstall monitor packed with three amazing features,

“Install Monitor consists of three features that complement the management of the programs installed on your computer so as to act independently depending on the functionality required.”

What are these three features?


With the ability to see list of applications installed on your computer, Mirekusoft makes it so much easier for you to know details of the applications:

  • Manufacturer
  • Size
  • Version
  • Date of installation

How do I uninstall a software through this?

It’s quite simple. Select the item you want to uninstall and Mirekusoft will handle the complete uninstallation for you.


Sometimes, you just want to know how much disc space is used by a program. With Mirekusoft, you are can now easily do so. The contents section allows you to learn more about the programs:

  • Registry keys
  • Files
  • Disc space

After learning these, decide if you want to get rid of the program or not. Click uninstall and it would be very easy for Mirekusoft to complete your command.

Start-up in Windows

Users love this wonderful feature of Mirekusoft. See which software starts automatically upon turning your PC on and what takes up your computer’s resources. Remove unwanted software that takes time to load upon start-up with Mirekusoft Install Monitor, today.

Do you have any reviews you want to share about Mirekusoft. Post in our Facebook Wall. Visit

MIrekusoft FB cover photo

Like and follow Mirekusoft to receive the latest computer trends and updates

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Mirekusoft Install Monitor Addresses Windows OS Decay Problem

Microsoft recently unveiled preview of its future Windows 10 OS. This contains several additional and improved features such as:

  • Return of the Start menu
  • Virtual desktops
  • Metroapps on the desktop
  • New task view button
  • Improved snapping
Microsoft building and Windows 10

The building of Microsoft (image taken from

As early as today, many are already eager to try these new features even if it is under beta. However, Andy Patrizio of has raised a very important issue Windows 10 has yet to address – OS decay.

What is OS Decay?

It is inevitable for users to add and remove programs over time. Sadly, this pushes Windows to keep on writing more and more temporary and junk files into your systems. This eats up disc space causing your system to slow down – thus OS Decay.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor Responds to OS Decay

One of the main causes of OS decay is the writing of temporary and junk files into your system. This eats up disc space resulting to slower PC performance. With Mirekusoft Install Monitor, you can easily and completely uninstall unwanted programs leaving no trace of unnecessary files in your system.

What is Mirekusoft Install Monitor?

Install Monitor works by monitoring what resources such as file and registry are created when a program is installed. Install Monitor’s intelligent program remover can help solve problems that are caused when a program does not uninstall properly. The result is better application management and a system that operates more efficiently. It also allows you to prevent programs from automatically starting to reduce the amount of programs running and improve performance.

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