Make it easier to uninstall programs with Mirekusoft Install Monitor

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You may have loved Picassa, Ask Toolbar and TeamViewer in the past. But there comes a time when you need to install more applications and get rid of old ones due to their:

  • Limited functionality
  • End of popularity
  • New apps to install
  • Full of glitches
  • Annoying notifications

How do you uninstall these applications? Are you sure you’ve completely gotten rid of all the software bundles that goes with it?

Mirekusoft Install Monitor comes to the rescue!

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Hurray! Mirekusoft Install Monitor has fixed that problem for you. described it as an uninstall monitor packed with three amazing features,

“Install Monitor consists of three features that complement the management of the programs installed on your computer so as to act independently depending on the functionality required.”

What are these three features?


With the ability to see list of applications installed on your computer, Mirekusoft makes it so much easier for you to know details of the applications:

  • Manufacturer
  • Size
  • Version
  • Date of installation

How do I uninstall a software through this?

It’s quite simple. Select the item you want to uninstall and Mirekusoft will handle the complete uninstallation for you.


Sometimes, you just want to know how much disc space is used by a program. With Mirekusoft, you are can now easily do so. The contents section allows you to learn more about the programs:

  • Registry keys
  • Files
  • Disc space

After learning these, decide if you want to get rid of the program or not. Click uninstall and it would be very easy for Mirekusoft to complete your command.

Start-up in Windows

Users love this wonderful feature of Mirekusoft. See which software starts automatically upon turning your PC on and what takes up your computer’s resources. Remove unwanted software that takes time to load upon start-up with Mirekusoft Install Monitor, today.

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