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Good News! Changes to the Contents Pane

The contents pane of Mirekusoft Install Monitor displays file and registry items that are installed by a program. It gets this information by monitoring programs as they are installed. At any point in time you can always check this pane to see what file and registry are created by a program. The Cleanup feature uses this information to remove items that are left behind by an uninstaller. (Image taken from

PC Efficiency two thumbs up

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Comparing Install Monitor 1.1 with Version 2.0

Learn the advantage of Version 2.0 in this brief comparison.

Content Pane Features of Install Monitor 1.1

In Install Monitor 1.1 the contents pane organizes file and registry items hierarchically by file history. This gives you a history of how items are installed. Also items that are created later show up towards the end of the list.

Content Pane Features of Install Monitor 2.0

In Install Monitor 2.0 there is now a new default format for the contents pane that organizes items by location on the system. This can make it easier to see what was installed. The view format can be changed in the Options screen with the “Show file history in Contents pane” option.

 Organizes Items by Location

 Control Pane organizes Items by Location

The contents view now organizes items by location

Showing Items by File History

Showing Items by File History

The contents pane showing items by file history

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New Feature of Install Monitor 2.0|The Program Process Viewer

One of the new features in Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 is the Program Process Viewer. It displays the programs from the programs list that are currently running. It also includes information such as processor usage, memory, and disk usage. Windows comes with Task Manager and there are lot of other process viewers that include more features like Sysinternals Process Explorer.

Why the need for another process viewer?

Program Process Viewer

Screenshot of Install Monitor Program Process Viewer

A logical question you may ask us is this, “Why do I need another process viewer?

The Program Process Viewer makes it:

  • Easier to understand
  • Manage what programs are running

The Problem of TOO Many Processes

Confusing PC Processes

Problem with too many process (Image taken from Stuart Miles at

Most process viewers present a long list of running processes and information on each process. However this list can easily become very long. It is not uncommon to have over 100 processes. Many of these processes are Windows background processes. Many programs are made up of several processes. This can make it hard to identify which processes belong to which programs. It makes it difficult to see how many resources a programs is using at any point in time.

Sample Scenario

It is more useful to know that the Widget Viewer program you installed last week is using lots of memory than the memory usage of a single wdgtvw.exe process. Just like in a restaurant it is probably more useful to know the calorie count of your entrée instead of the calorie count of individual ingredients.

How Program Process Viewer Can Help You

The Program Process Viewer helps to make it easier to see what programs are running by grouping related processes together. You can actually:

  • See what installed programs are running
  • View the amount of processes being used by each program as shown in parenthesis next to it.
  • Terminate an entire program and all related processes with a single button click. This can help make sure a program is fully stopped before uninstalling it and possibly reduce an unneeded restart.



The Program Process Viewer shows what programs are running

Additional Benefits of The Program Process Viewer

Another benefit of this feature is it helps to identify bloatware by excessive resource usage. This can help you to make a decision about how bloated a program is and whether to look for alternatives.

It also groups all processor, memory, and disk usage together.

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Are You Waiting Too Long for Your Windows to Start?

One of the frustrating parts of using Windows can be waiting for it to start. I often find that I sometimes I hold of doing a restarts as much as possible because of this. One of the main causes of a slow startup is too many programs that run when the computer is starting. This causes disk contention which ends up slowing the computer.

It is similar to rush hour traffic in that everybody is trying to go somewhere but due to congestion everyone gets there much slower. As a result the best way to speed up start time is by having less programs starting.

Busy Streets vs Busy PC Programs

Solving PC Traffic Problems
(Image taken from Feelart of

The Problem of Disabling Startup Items

To Disable or not to disable?

Confused if you should disable or not?
(Image taken from Artur84 of

There are plenty of programs or startup managers like msconfig or Autoruns that allow you to control which programs start. However there is a learning curve. You have to be able to tell whether the program can be disabled without impacting you! Which (unfortunately) may not always be obvious.

How do you tell if widgetsupport.exe can be disabled?

Lack of Standard for Disabling Startup Items

Another issue is to address is the lack of standard for disabling startup items. Thus, you end up always having to use the same program to enable or disable your startup items.

Errors Due to Improperly Disabling a Program

Disabling startup items can sometimes confuse programs as they think they are not installed properly and sometimes replace the disabled startup item. That usually means after every update you have to re-disable the startup item, which can create two disabled startup items. Nevertheless, the most important issue is that sometimes disabling startup items can prevent a program from running properly.

Should I Disable Startup Items or NOT?

However disabling startup items makes sense since it can improve startup performance. This is especially the case for programs that do not need to start right away. For instance you may never run the application for a several days but it still ends up slowing your startup speed during that time period. Further if the program is not running it can not consume any resources or slow down your other programs.


Msconfig showing startup programs.

 Introducing StartUp Monitor

A new feature in Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 called Startup Monitor helps address these issues. It gives you the ability to prevent programs from running at startup. Disabling a startup program is as simple as unchecking the box. No more having to determine what widgetsupport.exe does.

Install Monitor shows:

  • The actual program that you installed
  • The impact a program has on startup performance



Startup Monitor makes it easier to manage startup programs

By combining these with the usage information from the program list, it helps you conveniently decide whether something should run at startup.

Additional Benefits of Startup Monitor

If you start one of these programs from Install Monitor, it will make sure all disabled startup items are restarted so the application can run without any problems. It dynamically blocks the program from starting so the program does not get confused about whether it is installed properly.

Adding the Features of Program Process Viewer

Also with the new Program Process Viewer which I will discuss later it is really easy to shut the program down when you are finished using it. Startup Monitor is one of the ways Install monitor helps to improve system performance.

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Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 Beta Download

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 Beta is now available. The beta version will expire in 90 days from when it is installed. It will upgrade any existing version of Install Monitor. However you will not be able to go back to the previous version without uninstalling the new version. Please be aware this is beta software so all the limitations of beta software apply. Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 is compatible with Windows XP (32-bit), and Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit). For Windows 8 you will need to enable .NET Framework in Windows Features. Download links will be on the download page.

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