New Feature of Install Monitor 2.0 | The Program Process Viewer

System Update

One of the new features in Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 is the Program Process Viewer. It displays the programs from the programs list that are currently running. It also includes information such as processor usage, memory, and disk usage. Windows comes with Task Manager and there are lot of other process viewers that include more … Read more

Are You Waiting Too Long for Your Windows to Start?

Improving Uninstallation

One of the frustrating parts of using Windows can be waiting for it to start. I often find that I sometimes I hold of doing a restarts as much as possible because of this. One of the main causes of a slow startup is too many programs that run when the computer is starting. This … Read more

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 Beta Download

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 3.0.494.2

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 Beta is now available. The beta version will expire in 90 days from when it is installed. It will upgrade any existing version of Install Monitor. However you will not be able to go back to the previous version without uninstalling the new version. Please be aware this is beta software … Read more